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With the heat level rising in Sri Lanka, you need to have the right air conditioner present in order to feel relaxed and comfortable. With gusts of cool wind and an appropriate room temperature, you will be able to feel at ease in your home and offices.

Browse through a wide range of air conditioners present at and choose the one that you love. Moreover, there are multiple categories of Air conditioners price in Sri Lanka present that can suit the requirements of a varied number of people.

Air Conditioner Types

When you are to buy an air conditioner, the first consideration is of the type. There are multiple types present and these can have different features such as cool time, air speed and many others.

Window Air Conditioners have been around for a long period of time and will continue to be there because they are highly effective. These are available in a number of different sizes along with cooling capacities to choose from. These can be used as the main source of cooling in a room or can be combined with the central AC. When you are to buy Window ACs, always make sure to check the size of the place where you want to place it.

The Window AC units are made for three types of windows which are the sliders, the standards and the casements. These units require to be installed in an open window where the hot air exhaust fan should face outside and the cool air should return inside.

Portable Air Conditioners are known to give more flexibility than the window or the in-wall air conditioners because they do not require any type of permanent installation. Moreover, these can easily be moved from one room to another when needed. For people who want to regularly transport their model, then they can do that with a model that has casters present.

These units work by taking the air from the inside of the room to cool the condenser and then exhaust the hot air out of the hose present. There are a many ways that the water can be drained from the portable air conditioners.

Split air conditioners are highly energy efficient than the ducted central air ones. These can be a highly good choice to decrease the temperature of the room. These have an outdoor compressor and condenser present which has one or more indoor-handling units present. When you purchase these, you will get additional tubing in the packaging. These are a good option to use instead of ceiling air conditioners when you have less space.

Air Conditioner Filters

When you are to install an air conditioner, you should always have the filters near you. This is important so that you can easily clean the filters when needed. If the filters are clogged, the air conditioner will not properly cool and the compressor might malfunction. It is advised to clean them after every four weeks.