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Motherhood is nerve-wrecking but a delightful process. With right choices in baby care products, you can pamper your little munchkins and make this experience worthwhile. It may be a daunting task to decide which baby care products to use since there are a lot of varieties in the market. These products must be non-toxic and must contain ingredients that would add to the nourishment of your child's body so that he remains cheerful all day.

Essential Baby Bath Items

Bathing a child is not less than a challenge, especially if your baby doesn't love being in water and gets all squirmy. You need to bring in innovative ideas and make bathing a fun ritual for your little one. There is a huge list of bathing products for babies such as baby lotions, shampoos, soaps, massage oils etc. with cute baby fragrances.

Johnson's Baby Lotion is the most sold lotion at Daraz for babies. It has mineral ingredients which provide nourishment to your child's delicate skin and keeps in soft and gentle. Designed especially for newborns, it is also approved medically. Baby lotions of some other companies are also available at Daraz in Sri Lanka.

Again Johnson's baby powders are sold as hot cakes among the parents. Baby powder reduces friction from the baby's skin and soothes the body by softening it. It also absorbs the excess moisture from an infant's skin and helps him feel comfortable. It has a clean, pure scent and is clinically proven to be good for a happy child.

Different designs of Baby bath shower caps are available at Daraz in Sri Lanka. These caps are adjustable for children of different age groups so they can be used time and again, and are available in random colours. They have frilly outlook so that water or shampoo does not enter your baby's eyes and bathing no more becomes a hassle.

Baby bathers by Deluxe are quite a popular selling item at Daraz. They are made of non-toxic materials so parents don't need to worry about their child's health. These bathers or bathing seats have comfortable seats that have the facility to recline, so the baby's postures can remain relaxed while bathing. The designing of these bathers is unique and are shaped as a cradle to support the head of the infants.

Baby diapers in Sri Lanka are available at Daraz of different sizes and of different companies. All are high quality diapers with high absorbency rates. These diapers are disposable and contain features that keeps your child's bottom smooth and gentle, and avoids any rashes. They prevent any kind of leakage and have the ability to absorb wetness for longer periods. This will keep your child fresh and happy all day long, and he can sleep peacefully at night.