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When baby turns into a toddler, it's the best time for family to enjoy their child. This calls for a change, for both toddler and the surroundings. When a baby is born, they require cribs, cots, bassinets and cradles, changing tables, rockers and gliders and much more. As soon as he turns into a toddler furniture change is necessary. Therefore, it is best to buy furniture which is for the toddlers because this gives your child an area they can utilize to do their activities since the furniture is small and made for them. There are certain factors to keep in mind while buying for toddler as well as baby furniture sets. Size is an important factor, choose according to the growth stage, safety functionality and durability are some more significant factors to consider. Since the population around the world is growing, hundreds and thousands of babies are born every day, infant born rate in Sri Lanka has been increasing as well. That is why baby furniture in Sri Lanka is one of the frequent bought reported by online communities such as Daraz.

Once your baby start crawling they begin to climb the cribs cage and this can be extremely dangerous. That is the reason why many parents are reluctant to buy beds for their toddlers because they know their child's habit of rolling around in sleeping place. Safety is a key consideration while choosing a bed. Choose that size which is comfortable yet safe for your child. Low beds could a good option.

These convertible beds are convenient option to consider because they can be converted from crib to a small sized bed for a child for different stages of infancy. In the first stage, they could be used as cribs whereas, outer railing is removed to make them normal small beds. They are also close to the floor making it safer for sleeping toddlers.

Best option when you are blessed with twins. Limited place for furniture in room could be utilized by including these bunk beds. These bed have upper and lower section both having bed mattress. These are great at saving your cost and space.

There are other important items you need to add in your toddler furniture list;

Often kids like to imitate their parents, they would want to get dressed just like their elders. Dressers are needed for toddlers, especially girls.

Table And Chairs: Part Of Baby Furniture

According to your baby's height and stage, get them these sets. These sets will assist them while learning how to read and write also you can utilize them when making them sit and eat.

One of the most important furniture you would need in a toddlers room. This is needed to keep all their toys in one place so the room doesn't look messy.

Add stuff toys, painting and pictures in the room on these shelves to add more to the beauty and innocence of that space.

All these items for toddlers are available online at Daraz, at affordable prices.

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