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Looking for a last-minute toy for your little one for his or her birthday? It may be the case that you simply forgot to buy the gift and now you don't have time to visit a physical store. Do not worry! We have it covered for you from all ends. is one of the largest online baby toys shops in sri lanka selling best seller toy brands in town such as Disney, Lego, Fisher Price and others.

Stuff Toys: Kids love stuff toys as these very soft, gentle and cuddly. Find all sorts of soft and stuff toys at Daraz Sri Lanka of your favorite cartoon characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Scooby Doo, Doraemon and so many others. These are ideal for babies who less than or up to 1 years old.

Educational Toys For Kids

You can get access to a range of educational toys at Daraz. These have been designed as learning toys for kids. These include exploratory toys for example, animals popping out of a vehicle when the child presses the designated button. These also include puzzles and board games, musical instruments and small cars for kids to ride on to aid physical activity.

Pre-School Toys For Babies

These are advanced learning toys that involve the use of colors, markers and crayons. It is best to introduce your kids to toys of movie and cartoon characters as they can both recognize and relate to them. The aim of these toys should be to encourage innovation and socializing among kids. Even interactive learning laptops with speaking capability can help children identify animals, birds, and flowers, and pronounce their names.

Toys For Girls and Boys

Dolls are the first love of any girl and Barbie Dolls are the hottest selling among the various dolls available in the market. Doll houses symbolize girls' love and longing for a comfy home. A doll is usually the preferred choice of toy by a girl when her dad asks her what she wants as her birthday gift. This is perhaps the association that a girl has with her doll and even when girls grow up to become young women, their affection with dolls hardly withers.

As for boys, we have stored rc cars, rc helicopters, rc planes, moving trains and the like. You can buy all sorts of toys for boys and girls of all age groups at highly affordable prices at Daraz.

Place your orders for kids' and babies' toys at Daraz Sri Lanka and benefit from free shipping and cash on delivery which is provided at your doorstep. You can order via a convenient, hassle-free, easy to use and compatible mobile app for shoppers in Sri Lanka allowing them to buy toys for kids on the go through a smooth mouse click or through a tap by shoppers on their smartphones. Embark on a wholly amazing online shopping experience of toys on the go. So whether you are a working mom or a dad who works on tight schedules, Daraz is your one stop solution to all baby items including cheap toys for your kids in sri lanka.