How can I pay for Daraz services?

When making a payment, please make sure to add as reference:
  1. Seller/Shop name
  2. Reason for transaction:

    Option 1: Commission + month (E.g. Commission September) or
    Option 2: Top-up credit for Sponsored Products (E.g. SP-credit)   

Please note that without this reference your payment might not be registered by Daraz.

Payments for all services on Daraz can be made using the following options :

  • Payment can be made by bank transfer
  • Kaymu Lanka (Pvt) Limited
    Sampath Bank - City Branch - Current Account
    Account No 0001 1008 3114

    Kaymu Lanka (Pvt) Limited
    HNB- HNB Towers Branch
    Account No 003010508193
  • Payment can be made by check to the order Kaymu Lanka (Pvt) Limited.
    Our office address is: Number 9 School Lane, Colombo
  • For orders delivered through our Trusted Delivery Partners, PAYE charges will be deducted automatically every two weeks before reconciliation