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Desktop computers have long been important office and home appliances. A typical desktop computer consists of a monitor, a CPU, a mouse and a keyboard. Although some people prefer laptops due to their portability and size, desktops still maintain their position as better performers in the technological arena. This is because they have a certain edge over laptops. As they are have separate monitor screens and processing units, they have a separate power supply for each unit thus power consumption is not an issue. They do not have the problem of overheating and consequently shutting down as they typically have more vents and heat dissipations systems than a laptop. Whereas in old days, big, bulky desktops were the norm, as technology has advanced, they have become sleeker and lighter.

With bright LCD screens that define every single color vibrantly, flat screen monitors provide high quality images. Processors or towers have also become lighter and slimmer. Customizable mouse and keyboards provide you with an opportunity to add your own personal touch to your personal computer. Another advantage that desktops entail is that they usually have standardized components such as card slots and cables, and replacing faulty parts does not become a hassle. Daraz has a wide variety of desktop computers by world's renowned brands such as Samsung, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, HP, LG, Phillips and many more. You can find any type of latest monitors, processors, graphic cards, motherboards, and towers at Daraz. Simply browse through the website and shop conveniently for desktops computers.

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Daraz is the largest online marketplace of desktop computers in Sri Lanka. The top retailers of computers in Sri Lanka are onboard with Daraz. This gets all the Sri Lankan's rid of the hassle of searching around for best computer prices. You no longer need wasting your time on getting price quotations from various sellers. With Daraz you can make price comparison of your desired products offered by Sri Lanka's leading computer retailers and check their ratings and read customers' reviews to get the best desktop computer prices in Sri Lanka.

The list things you need to consider while you buy a desktop computer is quite long however Daraz has written down a few important features of desktop PCs to help you into making the best decision. The processor of your desktop needs to be fast enough to support your requirements. Besides, the RAM is another important thing that influences majorly on a computer's speed. So if you want to get the best out of your desktop computer's speed, make sure that its processor and RAM are up to the mark. In addition, the graphic memory should also be sufficient to support your graphic designing tools or the games that you are going to play. Other things include the monitor and other accessories such as Keyboard, Mouse, Webcam and much more. So before you set off on a journey to buying desktop PC in Sri Lanka, don't forget to make sure that you know your system requirements.

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