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Beat the Heat by Getting Fans In Sri Lanka

Fans are an essential part of anyone's home, office, school or any other place. These work great in the summers because they provide ventilation in a room. Fans have been around since many years and now in the modern world there are several designs of fans to choose from. There are several fans that work on electricity but these days a number of fans work on batteries as well. Buyers can easily get fans of all kinds online at Daraz. One can easily get the best fan prices in Sri Lanka at Daraz.

Guide to Buying Fans At

When buying fans it is very important to know the different type of fans. Depending on where you want the fans, you can easily pick out from the following list.

Table Fans: Table fans work well for people who work at an office. A person can easily place these on the table without any problems. Some fans work on electricity while other work on batteries. These fans have the advantage of portability which everyone wants. These are usually very lightweight and mostly people prefer getting the small size ones.

Ceiling Fans: The most commonly used fans are ceiling fans which are used in households and schools. Ceiling fans come in several designs and colors which buyers can get according to the decor of their house. Since these have been around for a long time, buyers are constantly looking for new designs.

Wall Fans: Wall mount fans are usually bought for offices or restaurants because these are fitted on the wall using a bracket. These work on electricity and have different fan speeds. Once these are installed, they can rotate and keep a room ventilated. These also work well for bathrooms.

Exhaust Fans: Exhaust fans are commonly used in the kitchens and bathrooms. These help get rid of steam, food smell and keeps the place airy. These are usually fitted into the wall which is very easy to do.

Pedestal Fans: Pedestal fans work great for outdoors and even indoors. There are different sizes of this type of fans which buyers can get according to their personal choice. The big ones are usually used by guards who have a long duties outside. These also work well in factories and other type of workplaces. The smaller ones work well for offices and households. The user can control the fan speed and the rotation feature can also be controlled.

Outdoor Fans: Outdoor fans are very important because they help beat the heat in summers. Whether you have are having a BBQ party outside or a picnic, it is important to have a fan. Stand fans are the most commonly used type of fans for outdoors however some people prefer small floor stands. These work on batteries because obviously there is no electricity outside. Some fans also come with a water spraying feature. The water is sprayed in front of the fan so that there can be a cool breeze for some seconds.

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