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As we live in a digital era all are files become virtual documents that can be stored and transferred. Previously pictures were taken from cameras which have a film roll with a limited space. These pictures were then developed into a physical picture on paper. Now we have digital cameras such as DSLR cameras to take pictures from. Not only can you take unlimited amount of pictures from these cameras but they are also of high resolution.

Snail mail has also been replaced with emails. Today all office correspondence is done through electronic mails to save time and keeps record at both ends. Students prepare assignments on the computers, teachers keep exams on them, and home makers save recipes and shop keepers keep inventory stock. All these virtual files have made our society paperless but technology entrenched. We need a place to store all these files as they cannot be physically kept in files.

Due to all these trends, there has now been a great demand for having the best quality USB drives. In the present day, there are many brands that offer a wide range of USB devices with best storage capabilities that you would need.

If you are looking to do some Pen drive shopping online, then you are at the right place. We have the largest collection of these devices available from a number of brands to choose from. Scroll through our unlimited range to find what you need. Moreover, we are offering the lowest price pen drives that you can imagine.

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From the 16gb pen drive to the 32gb pen drive, there is something for everyone. People have their own demands when it comes to buying the right device for them. The major benefit of these devices is that there is no need of a power source and they are able to work on their own. When buying the perfect device for you, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind.

The first thing that you need to know is the capacity of the drive that you intend to buy. This is directly in relation to your utility. When buying a drive, keep the amount of data that you need to put into in mind. If you need it for purposes of storing smaller amounts of data such as for school or office work, then a 8gb pen drive would be the best option for you. If you are a full on professional and need larger spaces for storing multimedia daily then a large capacity storage device such as a 64gb pen drive is the perfect one for you. For some people, the mini USB pen drive would be perfect if they want something that they can store anywhere.

The second thing to look at is the transfer speed of the data from the computer to your flash drive. Most of the USB pen drive are 3.0 compatible which means that they offer high transfer speeds to its users. These can reach a speed of around 25MB per second. In addition this, when you consider the durability aspect, you are doing something good. In the present day, most of the USB drives are made from highly durable materials such as the casing that is made from good quality plastic. This protects the data from any hazards that can occur.

Moreover, there is strong internal durability of the devices by various anti-virus programs and methods to protect the data from any harm.

Also keep in mind the appearance of your USB device. Many of the devices by a number of brands come in sleek and superior designs that make them a fun to use. They come in different shapes and styles with vivid colors and patterns. Some of them are in the pull out form in which you have to get the actual device out of the plastic casing for it to work properly.

A quality pen drive can be examined not only through its longevity but also transfer speed and user interface. Unlike external hard drive, no USB requires special software to be installed into the computer before use. Almost all USB storage devices are simple to use. You begin with plugging it into the computer and transferring data through a direct send to USB option in the drop down bar. Once completed you should exit the software from the computer system first before plugging it out directly. The one thing you may compare before purchasing online is how quickly a pen drive can transfer data. If you need to transfer heavy documents on a regular basis, from one computer to another then a usb with slow transferability rate will be an issue.

Benefits Of A Flash Drive

In its workings a flash drive is much like a whiteboard rather than paper. You can remove any file that is no longer needed and that space can be used to rewrite something new. Unless it is physically damaged, you can reuse the USB flash drive however many times you desire without it being worn out. This feature makes the gadget environmentally friendly and clutter free.

While Flash drives in Sri Lanka are easily available from everywhere, there are many that don't last that long. Some are easily corrupted after only few weeks of use. A USB flash drive's software is corrupted due to a number of reasons. Firstly, it may catch on some virus from the computer it is plugged into or a corrupted file that is transferred into the USB. Make sure that both the computer and transferred file are virus free. You may also buy a USB virus scanner software that help early detection and prevention of such viruses.