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Have you ever though what you'd do without a refrigerator, pressing iron, or a fan? We are all surrounded by technology today that it is unimaginable how we'll spend our life without them. From a simple switch to heating food in a microwave oven, we are completely dependent on household appliances. With the advancement of technology, these home appliances are being innovated with new designs, upgrading the advanced features and functionality in them. These appliances save not only our time but air energies as well. Market is full of such products that are launched each day for our convenience.

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In the fast pace life with modern living, household appliances have brought many conveniences to man. These machines have made our lives comfortable and a lot easier. Whether you have to cook, do laundry, clean the house, etc. everything can be done quickly, thanks to these appliances. Many top-notch brands including Siemens, Braun, Whirlpool, etc. with their modernist designs, advanced features and durability are manufacturing a variety of these appliances on daily basis. For customer convenience, online shopping of latest appliances can be done from Daraz. Household appliances prices in Sri Lanka varies according to the brand, durability of the appliance, and its features.

Major Household Appliances Required Today

Refrigerator: Not only does it freeze the food but also keeps it fresh so that it can be used another time. Also, if you're feeling hot, you can sip a glass of cold water or juice, thanks to the fridge. It has different compartments for different food items including, meat section, vegetables and fruits compartment, as well as ice compartment, where you can freeze ice cubes. Advanced refrigerators can keep the fridge cold during power shortages.

Washing machine: Now you can easily change clothes any number of times during the day without any fear of washing them manually. A washing machine has made the task of doing laundry a child's play. Automatic washing machine simply requires you to put the clothes inside the machine. Washing, rinsing and drying is all done by the machine itself. After the final spin, the machine alarm speaks up, informing you that laundry has been done.

Clothes iron: There are different types of pressing irons available today. The electric iron once warmed up, neatly presses the garments, while the steam iron enables you to press the clothes while hanging them and the steam completely removes any creases on your clothes. You can adjust he temperature of the iron through the thermostat.

Fans: These appliances are a major necessity during the summers. Available in different sizes and shapes, there are a variety of fans for the customers including table fans, pedestal fans, wall mount fans, ceiling fans, etc. The fan speed can be controlled through a remote or from the regulator attached to these fans or the switch. Mostly running on electricity, some if the table fans are rechargeable.

When buying household appliances, make sure you look through their features. Buy a reliable and durable appliance since these items are a long-term investment for homes.

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