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Apple launched the iPhone series back in 2007, instantly obsoleting every other smartphone and completely revolutionizing the way the world looked at smartphones. IPhones, since then, have moved on to become superior amongst smartphones. Apple introduces a new generation phone every year with advanced and improved features. The user interface of the iPhones is built around the devices' multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The keyboard makes typing and texting a breeze with its auto spell check, a dynamic dictionary that learns and stores new words and awesome predictive capabilities. Once you get used to texting on the iPhone keypad, there's no turning back. An Apple touch screen phone is known as the best phone to be introduced till date. Daraz has a wide variety of Apple phones available for you. The prices are very reasonable because there are a lot of discount deals offered. Browse through the webpage to get the latest iPhone models and prices details just by sitting at home.

Different Features Of Apple IPhones

Apple phones offer all the standard features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G and LTE, e-mails, browsing, GPS navigation, cameras and video recording. In addition, you can also download application programs/apps from the Apple App Store. It helps enable other functions such as social networking, video games and an excess of other apps to make everyday life easier. The App Store offers more than one million apps for Apple phones. The App store is ranked as the world's second largest mobile software distribution network of its kind. Apps range from entertainment, games, news, navigation, lifestyle, health and beauty, physical fitness. Apps aid you in any kind of hobby or job whatsoever. It's next to impossible to get bored with an iPhone in your hand. Apple is succeeding in not only creating brand loyalty, but die-hard Apple iPhone mobile fans all across the world. The brand is now synonymous with constant innovation, sleek designs and a cult like fan following. Now get iPhones for sale in Sri Lanka with Daraz.

Apple Touch Screen Phone Shopping Online

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s introduced the world to Retina and Siri, a natural language voice control system. The Apple iPhone 5 got longer and introduced a faster LTE. The iPhone 5s features the dual-core 64-bit A7 processor, an updated camera with a larger aperture and dual-LED flash and the dynamic feature of Touch ID fingerprint scanner integrated into the home button. The Apple iPhone 6 series has gotten bigger, faster, and sleeker and is considered one of the most beautiful mobile phones on the globe.

There are 8 generations of iPhone models, each accompanied by 8 major releases of the iOS - the software on which the Apple technology is based upon. Which is considered one of the most user-friendly software. The resounding sales of iPhones all across the world have been credited with completely reshaping the smartphone industry and making Apple one of the world's most valuable publically traded companies with record-breaking sales and profits.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Latest Apple Phone

Display: The display of the phone matters a lot, a buyer can choose from either large display screens or small ones. IPhones usually have a standard screen size for all their models.

Battery Time: The biggest and most important factor to take in account is the battery time of a phone. When looking for a phone, look at the talk time of the phone. The talk time will help you determine the overall battery time.

Camera: People who enjoy taking pictures should definitely consider the quality of the camera. There are several brands that offer good megapixel phones. The higher the megapixels are for a phone, the better pictures can be taken.

Other Features: Other features like the software, application compatibility, storage and touch systems can be taken in account.

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