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The fashion and style of your wardrobe is not just the only thing that has to be mattered. Once you have purchased the dress, it is significant to take care of. Washing is the important process for any dress type but another procedure that is required after it, is pressing or ironing. This is required to remove the creases from the dress and enhance the glory by making it flawless.

For this purpose, clothes irons are utilized. It is called iron because large part of this electronic piece is made up of the element of the same name. It is helpful in loosening the ties which exist among long chained molecules of fiber. The weight and heat of this plate flattens the crinkles and when the fabric cools down, the fresh shape is observed.

The oldest known era of utilizing this tool is the 1st century BC. At that time, Chinese people used metallic pans that were filled with hot coals and pressed the clothes to flatten the fabric. Manufacturing of solid irons was initiated in 17th century that comprised of thick handle and wide iron plate.

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Clothing Iron Types In Sri Lanka

Smoothing iron: Flat iron or smoothing iron is the name utilized for the pressing appliances of modern world. They comprise of a handle that is for grabbing by hand while removing creases and plate that is flat and metal based to be placed on the fabric. The common types are usually known to be the dry irons which don't use steam or water. This kind is operated by electricity power.

Sad iron

These solid irons are bit different than flat irons. They are best to be called as the older versions of smoothing irons as they are bit bigger in size. The metal plate is also thicker and the entire weight of the appliance is quite heavy.

Box iron: Box iron is also called charcoal iron or slug iron. The base comprises of a huge container that has space to input hot coals or metal bricks. This technique resembles the one of 1st century BC.

Goose iron: Goose iron have been the favorite ones for tailors. Its functionality is similar to sad iron and flat iron but the neck has goose-like curve.

Iron features

1- Iron has a particular design which allows it to stand by its own. This means its hot slot will remain untouched by any surrounding entity.

2- Irons consist of thermostat. This is the source for maintaining constant temperature.

3- A dial is there for setting temperature because each fabric requires different heat level.

4- For steam generation, there is a water reservoir inside the presser.