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“Laptop Buying Guide” How To Choose Right Laptop?

You will find hundreds of laptop buying guides over the internet, but none of them is short and precise. However, if you want to buy right laptop that matches you needs just make sure to consider these points before your purchase. First thing first, you will never find a laptop that matches your desired specs, price and features. So before buying a laptop, make sure to consider operating system whether it should be Windows, MAC, or Chrome. Since you can find windows laptops under 15000 but they might not be right laptops for gaming or video editing. Choose wisely whether you want to buy 2 in 1 laptop? 2 in 1 laptops come with high-end features of both Tablets and laptops as they are easily detachable but are bit higher on the price factor. Next thing is choosing right size of laptop, as laptops come in different inches and sizes. Some other important factors include choosing between Intel core i3, core i5 and core i7 processors, ram, display (graphics cards) budget and the most important question; which laptop brand to choose from? Luckily, to make your buying decision easier, we have listed our latest stock of best laptop brands for 2016 at discounted prices under.

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If you are a graphics designer or a gamer, you'll be required to have a really strong Whereas if you are an IT professional, you will be more conscious about the processor, installed memory and hard drive. There are several different types of processors which include- i3 laptops, i5 laptops and i7 laptops. Below are the most popular types of laptops available for shopping online at Daraz Sri Lanka.

The netbooks also known as mini laptop became popular in a short while after their advent because of their portability. It cannot be used for extended time duration because its small sized keyboard can cause hands to cramp up. The netbooks come with screens as small as seven inches however some new models have also been introduced with 11 to 12 inches display screens. The key intention behind netbook is to allow maximum portability with convenience of a laptop.

Desktop Size Laptops: The desktop size laptops are the most common kind. They come with larger screens from 14 inches to as large as 20 inches. They come with a short battery life because of the large screen size however are most preferred at professional working environments. They can also work best for children. Children tend to use electronics very roughly.

Gaming Laptops: The gaming laptops come with way more CPU and GPU power than the normal laptops. They come with larger screens high definition displays to allow gamers enjoy immersive gaming experience. To find the best gaming laptop prices in Sri Lanka Daraz is your one-stop online destination.

Midsize Laptops: Notebooks are great example of midsized laptops as they are sufficient enough to fulfill all kinds of private as well as professional computing needs. The display size of the midsize laptops usually range from 14 inches to 16 inches. As compared to the desktop sized laptops, these come with a bigger battery life i.e. up to six hours.

Ultra-slim Laptops: The ultra slim and lightweight laptops are the next step up in weight. Their ultra slim physique makes them attractive for use at all settings. Portability packed with advanced features is what defines the slim and light laptops. You do not have to carry heavy laptop anymore because ultra slim and light laptops help reduce the burden of carrying heavy things. These type of laptops work best for offices and school.

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