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Electronics improves year after year owning to heavy research and development that well renowned companies do. They want to outperform others in terms of technology, features and price. The end consumer benefits from the healthy competition year after year. From the black an white TVs to colored cuboids and from plasma screens to lcd tv we have seen great leaps in a matter of years. Now LED televisions have wiped out all previous models and sorts of television there might have existed. These screens have a much longer life span compared to the older LCDS. Buy led televisions online Sri Lanka on Daraz.

Online Shopping in Sri Lanka For LED TVs

LCD screen also had a bad reputation of dullness and fade in colors after a certain time period but the led televisions work smoothly without any such problems. From ipads to cellphones every gadget in the market is becoming sleek and thin, in the same fervor led televisions have become paper thin. That means the look like a painting hanging on the wall rather than a giant obstruction. The new led televisions are also doing away with those unnecessarily large black frames that covered half the TV screen. So previously if you had 32 inch television set, it was actually a 5 inches of just plain black screen (diagonally). Now a 32 inch led tv utilizes all of the space of the TV with only an inch or two as the plastic frame to the screen. Owing to all these advancements LED TV in Sri Lana have picked up most of the market.

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LED TV prices in Sri Lanka maybe a little high but if you look at it in the longer run it is definitely a better choice. Firstly the older models will soon be obsolete, many new gadgets will not plug directly to them, and you will not be able to use functions that all new TVs have. Secondly the longer lifespan will cover for the cost of maintenance and replacing television. The led televisions are eco- friendly in the sense that they use half much of electricity as the regular televisions so you will be saving up on electricity costs as well. In strictly technical terms the led televisions are better as the use only 22W and are mercury free. They have a very quick response time of 7ms and show images with sharp and accurate colors. Today a led TV not only streams channels but you can also connect them to wife, Skype calls can be done on this wide screen. You can also play slide shows by hooking up an usb directly into the television. Other cool features of these new smart televisions include. Chrome casting option with your laptop. HDMI cable connection port and some also have a built in television. Leading brands of televisions include Samsung, Sony, Sharp, LG television. Samsung has introduced an all new range of curved television screen for a real life experience.