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Are you fed up of your old charger or your earphones are not giving quality sound? It is time to replace your old set of earphones and charger with the new and quality accessories for your mobile. Massive variety of mobile phone accessories in Sri Lanka is in demand as people prefer not replace whole of their mobile phones but just get new set of accessories. However, it is essential to consider the accessories appropriately to be compatible to your mobile models. There are various accessories that are specifically used with a particular brand of mobile only. Like Samsung adapters will work for Samsung mobiles only or certain headset will work with one mobile and not with other.

Daraz is one of the biggest online marketplaces in Sri Lanka to get your favorite mobile phone accessories. We have all the latest, stylish and modern designed mobile phone accessories including phone covers, chargers, adapters, usb cable etc.

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If you are in need of any mobile phone accessory then it is better to shop online because you can explore maximum variety and also get the best prices on latest models, and designs. Daraz is offering a huge range of mobile phone accessories ranging from connector, chargers, adapters, usb cables, Data cables etc for all kinds of brands of Samsung, iPhone, Sony, Huawei etc.

If you own a Smartphone or an iPhone, you need to have relevant accessories to enhance your phone's performance as well as make it look stylish. There are various kinds of accessories available to ornament your cell phone like flip over cell phone covers in attractive prints and colors, tempered glass for various phone models of Samsung, iPhone and Lumia bumper covers for your iPhone. Selfie stick is in huge demand these days offering you wide angle quality selfie pictures.

Handsfree is also a very essential accessory if you are a driver and you need high quality handsfree to use cell phone safely while driving.

We also have huge variety of cheap in-ear headphones of latest models and designs that make you look cool while you listen your favorite music. There are different types of earphones and headphones available. We offer Bluetooth headphones, earphones with mic, and many other branded earphones such as Samsung earphones, iPhone earphones, Nokia Lumia etc.

Buy any kind of data cables for your handset to transfer data with HDMI cables, connectors. We also have different types of chargers, adapters, SD cards, portable USB chargers and many more to let you enjoy your Smartphones fully.

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Daraz is currently one of the leading online marketplaces with best variety of mobile phone accessories online in Sri Lanka. You won't find such a large variety of cell phone products anywhere that would be compatible to your model and phone specs. Get the best range of mobile phone accessories through online shopping at Daraz at the most affordable prices.

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Tablets are the most versatile gadgets and are a smart combination of Smartphones and PCs. They are portable devices that let you enjoy your laptop or Smartphone experience with a single device at any place. Tablets are dynamic with features, functions, and also carry remarkable accessories to let us utilize them easily. The latest tablets are coming with unique designs and also offer various functions that increase their value. Tablet accessories are thus very important to keep your tablets in good condition and also to offer you various options to explore distinct tablet features. There are different kinds of accessories for tablets some of which are used to protect it like iPad cover while some are for its functions like data cables, adapters, earphones, glass screens etc. You need to buy accessories for your tablet depending on your need and usage. Like if you do not listen to music you might not need the earphones and if you expose the screen to rough use you must need the protective layer for it.

Daraz is the biggest online marketplace in Sri Lanka where you can find all types of tablet accessories. Whether you need charger, data cable, or earphones for your tablet, we offer a great variety to explore and find the best product at best price.

Getting Tablet Accessories Online

The tablet accessories consist of multiple items that are used for different purposes. There are items for tablet protection which includes tablet covers or tablet pouch to easily let you carry the tablet. The tablet covers also come in different styles the most popular of which is the note book style as it fixes the tablet fully inside and you carry it like a diary. It also lets you hide it from snatchers as it looks like a normal notebook. The sleeve case for iPad is one such fantastic cover that lets your iPad keep away from damage, scratches and theft at times. There are accessories that support your tablet like the tablet stand which lets you use tablet easily and keeps your hands free.

The accessories that support your tablet functionality includes tablet chargers, usb chargers, adapters, data cables, HDMI cables, earphones, USB keyboard which lets you easily type on the tablet with supported cover.

All these trendy and fancy tablet accessories can now be easily bought from our online shopping site Daraz. We assure to give you the best variety of tablet accessories in Sri Lanka and with the most amazing price offers.

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