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How to buy notebooks in Sri Lanka

Buying decision about electronic products is not an easy task. Similarly buying laptops is not an ordinary task at all because of advancement in technology to such an extent that there are lot of different versions of just one product. Each laptop has a different brand name, specifications and types. Dell notebooks have the answer to all the complications that can come in mind of technology oriented people. Dell notebooks are made to fit the needs of travelers, students and others who want to use a compact computer wherever they go.

Types of Dell notebooks in Sri Lanka

Ultraportable notebooks: Laptop computers come in a variety of sizes. Ultraportable notebooks are extremely thin and light in weight, these have extremely slim body.

Thin and Light notebooks: These type of notebooks mix portability with performance.

Mainstream notebooks: Mainstream laptops are usually heavier than ordinary laptops with 14 or 15 inch displays. These laptops are generally lesser in cost and provide performance and features same as thin and light laptops.

Desktop Replacement: These laptops are the heaviest and largest family of laptops. These laptops can be difficult to carry around but with a display screen of 17 inches.

Dell Inspiron notebooks

If you want to buy a laptop that is of high quality in market, chances are that you’ll get to know the dell Inspiron series. There are amazing features of Dell Inspiron category.

Features of Dell Inspiron notebooks

1- Small and compact

2- Fast Intel Core processor

3- Touch screen technology

4- 3 USB ports, webcam, subwoofer, and 8-in-1 media card

5- Available with windows 7 and 8

6- 0 TB hard drive option

7- Touch screen functionality makes these notebooks unique

8- Contains a model with 3 Skull candy speakers with subwoofers

Further types of Dell notebooks also include, Dell notebooks 5th gen core i7 and Dell notebooks 5th gen core i5. These notebooks have the latest processor that's versatile enough for the busiest lifestyles.

These notebooks have amazing features such as

1- 3D scanning

2- Gesture control

3- Voice command

4- Premium performance, powerful possibilities

5- Game lovers can play games on HD screens with amazing processing performance and smooth visuals

6- Processors success with 35 percent more transistors on a 37 percent smaller die

7- Giving you up to 8.7 hours on a single recharge on a thin and light notebook that you can carry with you all day

8- 5 hours of additional battery life vs fourth generation Intel Core processors

Before you set out to purchase a notebook, keep few key points in mind to gain a competitive advantage and meet your needs accordingly.

RAM: How much memory does your notebook need? If you are a multi-tasker a notebook with a substantial amount of RAM may be needed.

Graphics Card: If you are a gamer, make sure you buy the graphic card that will meet your needs.

Processor: Always check the processor of the notebook before you buy it. Processor is the soul of a notebook so make sure you research a little on processor that comes with the notebook.

A dell notebook will surely meet your needs, while you are searching for a new notebook with a great reputation in the market, world class customer service and high quality products. You won't go wrong if you choose a Dell notebook. For details, Intel 5th generation notebooks. Let Daraz help you in choosing the right notebook for you. Good luck!