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In the modern era when options are almost endless, it is more than impossible to choose the printer that perfectly fits our requirements. The printers come in a variety of sizes, types and functionalities that suit various requirements. From the portable photo printers to the heavy duty LaserJets for commercial usage, there is just about everything for you to choose from. The new features and specifications mentioned with the printers can easily get you lost in the maze of options however if you really want to choose the printer that suits your budget as well as your printing needs, you need knowing deeply about the types of printers available and their functionalities to make the perfect choice.

Types Of Printers

With a wide array of options available online, you can choose the type of printers that are ideal for your home or office printing needs. Each of the printer models available at Daraz is designed to meet different needs. Whether you require printer for a regular and frequent use, for bulk printing or just for occasional printing, please read below about the common types of printers available at your premier online marketplace.

These are best choice for domestic usage as they are not very expensive and offer great quality print outs. The reason for commercial users not preferring inkjet printers is that they are not very cost efficient when it comes to bulk printing. Besides, the inkjet printers are the simplest and easy to operate than any other types of printers. One may print crisp quality photographs of family at home using inkjet printer.

Although first time, a LED or laser printer may cost you a lot more than any other printer but the benefits it provides in the long-run make it worth investing. The laser and LED printers make use of a photographic drum attract the charged ink which is then transferred to the paper with the help of a heated roller. Due to its cost effectiveness and quality, the laser printing technology has been around for decades already. Besides, laser printers are faster than their counterparts. Daraz has a range of color as well as monochrome laser printers.

The photo printers, as their name tells are made especially for printing photographs. They give out great quality printouts of even the high resolution pictures. Majority of the photo printers produce print outs of full pages and/or 4 x 6 inch or 5 x 7 inch snapshots. You may attach your memory card, USB pen drive, camera and many other devices to directly transfer and print your pictures using these modern printers.

Printer Prices In Sri Lanka

Being the largest online marketplace of Sri Lanka, Daraz offers printers in all sizes, technologies and functions that suit your personal or business needs. You can find printer prices online in Sri Lanka at Daraz and make a comparison of printers offered by various sellers from all over the country.