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Huawei is one of the leading international mobile phone communication giants in the world. It has its headquarters in China with a worldwide presence in more than a 100 countries. They have a wide range of products in their portfolio that include mobile phones, personal computers, tablets and many more.

A Huawei phone is known to have high quality features and perfect levels of designs that make them a much favorite among many buyers all around the world. People in Sri Lanka are also on board to find the latest Huawei smartphone for their use. Huawei mobiles have also seen massive growth in Sri Lankan market as people are keen to get high quality and technologically advanced mobile phones as Huawei is. You can find wide range of Huawei mobiles at one of the greatest online marketplace in Sri Lanka, Daraz. We have all Huawei latest models including its recently launched Ascend Mate and various other versions of Honor and Honor Holly. Huawei is a versatile mobile suitable to all kinds of personal and professional needs like for social media, business needs or just entertainment through games, music, pictures etc. Daraz is offering the largest collection of Huawei android phone to its users in the country. Moreover, our sellers are offering the lowest possible Huawei mobile phone prices in Sri Lanka in comparison to its competitors.

Latest Variety of Huawei Mobiles Online In Sri Lanka

Daraz owns the biggest variety of Huawei mobiles available online in Sri Lanka as we have extensive demand for Huawei mobiles. There are smashing features you can find in any of these Huawei handsets. Like Huawei Honor is a flagship brand of Huawei is a mid-range mobile with wide screen of 5". The phone is a cool device with 8-core processor that easily supports powerful apps, like for games with a RAM of 3GB. The Honor series is a great tool to handle 3D graphics and HD video streaming with crispy color combinations.

Huawei is a well-known technology brand offering some of the most charismatic cell phones of the decade. The Huawei mobile is a classic combination of dazzling designs with compelling technology. Huawei handsets are quite famous among its counterparts as they are equipped with charming specs at extremely reasonable price. The recent models of Huawei phone like Ascend, P8 or Honor have really proven to be revolutionary Smartphones with updated technology. Their tall and big screens have always been the key factor in their success and are always inspiring for people who like to own big screens. Their handsets are quite fancy as they are big sized but shiny designed slim Smartphones that surely grab people's attention.

Huawei Ascend series is a very elite collection of mobiles from Huawei offering direct competition in specs and features to great brands like Sony, Apple, and Samsung. These phones have ultra-slim body, wide angle lens, 13 MP camera with 5MP rear camera, 4G LTE connectivity and quad core processor giving exquisite performance. Huawei Ascend series is currently one of the top selling Huawei mobiles and are in huge demand in Sri Lanka as they are quite cheap as well as offer better functional features compared to its competitors.

Huawei P8 is another elite series of Huawei brand as it is a dazzling mobile with majestic features of metallic unibody, low light shooting, 4G LTE Cat4, and faster processor with 8 core. These are tall, light weight and very elite mobiles and come at a very feasible price.

Keep All In Mind When Purchasing Your Huawei Cell Phone!

When you are buying a Huawei smartphone, there are a number of things that need to be kept in mind. Each and every feature holds a different level of importance to the user and you need to keep them all in check.

The first thing you need to look at are the specifications of the phone. There are a number of different options that you can have such as the processor, the speed, the RAM and the storage space of the phone. Huawei phones range from 8 GB to 64 GB when it comes to storage spaces to accommodate the many users. There are a number of connectivity options in various phones such as Infrared, Bluetooth and WIFI. All of the phones are GSM enables and the latest ones have the option of using 4G as well.

Front and back cameras are present on all the phones and these offer superior picture quality. The cameras range from 2 MP up to 16 MP for different versions of Huawei phones. The sound experience of all Huawei phones is very fulfilling and you can enjoy. They come with high quality mp3 players which give superior sounds.

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