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Speakers are an essential component of any house. Not only do these provide you with a good quality sound experience, they also give you the required entertainment you need when you are watching your movies and seasons. Speakers in Sri Lanka are very vital if you want to have the perfect sound experience, therefore these are in great demand.

Daraz is the best place for you if you want to do some Speakers shopping online. We have the largest range available. Many speakers from the world famous brands are being offered at this online marketplace. Along with the range, we offer you the lowest speakers price in Sri Lanka that cannot be found anywhere else.

All the types of speakers that you need

When it comes to speakers, there are many types available that you can choose from. Each one has its own set of features that make it different from the other along with performing a specific function.

Floor speakers are known to provide the majority of the sound effects because they give it from left to the right side. Along with that, these speakers give a highly realistic feel to the sounds. Many major speakers by prominent companies such as Microlab speakers provide you with a surround sound experience.

Bookshelf speakers have lesser bass response as compared to floor speakers, along with that, they have compact sizes which allow you to store them wherever you want. Some of the Beats speakers in this category can be placed on stands that give the best audio experience. They can also be used as rear speakers for a surround sound effect.

Center Channel speakers are on the most vital ones when it comes to building a home theater speaker setup. Many of the dialogues are reproduced in the mid-range frequencies, it is important to hear it over all the other sound effect. Therefore, it is significant for you to have the best experience for this. These are generally placed in a central point underneath your TV.

Surround speakers are used to expand the whole setting by placing them at the sides of the room. They offer clearer sounds and a wholesome experience. Creative speakers are the best when you want to play video games or watch movies in a setting.

Subwoofers are used to deliver the bass in any TV show or movie. They give a certain sound that is able to enrich the whole listening experience. They can be placed anywhere in a room and you can see the setting of this device according to your requirements. It is advised to place it in a corner for increased bass production.