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Vacuum cleaners are undoubtedly one of the necessary cleaning equipment at homes as well as at the commercial settings. Their ability to suck even the tiniest dust particles out of the floors or carpets makes them the most useful home appliance. If you are one of the homemakers seeking vacuum cleaners in Sri Lanka at best prices then you are at the right place! Daraz's online marketplace is a home to all the reputed electronics brands across the country. Having onboard, the largest number of electronics retailers in Sri Lanka, Daraz ensures Panasonic as well as Philips vacuum cleaners at the most amazing prices. Apart from these two renowned brands, you may also get access to vacuum cleaners from all other popular brands. To find out about the type of wet as well as dry vacuum cleaners Daraz has to offer, please continue reading.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners In Sri Lanka

The most popular and convenient vacuum cleaners for homes as well as offices are the canister type vacuum cleaners. They comprise a small plastic body that is lightweight with 2 big wheels and 1 small rotatable wheel attached below for easy mobility. The canister vacuum cleaners comprise a flexible hose and a wand that makes it possible for anyone to clean even the most difficult places. This versatile vacuum cleaner has ability to clean carpets, bare floors, wood floors and just about any kind of flooring.

Tub Vacuum Cleaners Prices At Daraz Sri Lanka

The tub vacuum cleaners, as the name suggests have their entire body in the shape of a tub. They may be bagged or bagless depending on their functionality. The bagged tub vacuum cleaners are usually the dry vacuum cleaners that can be used only for cleaning dry surfaces however the bagless are the wet and dry vacuum cleaners that can even suck liquids from the surfaces, making things much easier for homemakers. No matter there are water spills or any liquid spills on the floor, you may suck them into your wet & dry vacuum cleaners.

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The handheld vacuum cleaners are also among the most popular type of cleaning equipment because of their ultra-smart size and ease of use. The handheld vacuums are usually used for cleaning office tables, laptops, electronic equipment and are even placed in automobiles, especially cars, for cleaning up the mats, dashboards, seats etc. A complete range of handheld vacuum cleaners from all popular brands is available at Daraz's online shopping community.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners: If you are in search of the upright vacuum cleaners, you need searching no more as Daraz has a complete variety of upright vacuum cleaners from all popular brands. The upright vacuum cleaners prices in Sri Lanka at Daraz are highly competent to easily fit your budget. These cleaners have ability to stand in an upright position. They are known as one of the most effective cleaning equipment especially for the heavy and thick carpets. The best utilization of these cleaning equipment is at the commercial places as well as at homes.