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Gaming consoles have been successful in captivating the minds of the young as well as adults over years. The video games were initially launched back in seventies and ever since then, people love spending their leisure time on playing video games. In the early days, hand-held video games were introduced however later they evolved into TV games, which was the start of a new era. Ever since then, the video games technology has come a very long way. The video games for all demographics that include even the elderly have been made available by the world's renowned companies including Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. There are action games, sports, racing, adventure games and a game that suits just about anyone's interest. If you are also one of the enthusiastic gamers seeking gaming consoles in Sri Lanka, you have come at the right place! Daraz Sri Lanka offers the largest online variety of video games and their accessories at affordable prices.

Types of Video Gaming Consoles Available At Daraz

At Daraz you can find full range of gaming consoles manufactured by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. We also have an assortment of hand-held games of all types. The three game console giants that dominate the gaming market include the Xbox series by Microsoft, PlayStation series by Sony and gaming consoles by Nintendo. So before you buy one of these mega gaming consoles, you need to learn about how each of them can help you getting yourself entertained.

Sony PlayStation 4 is the latest model of PlayStation series as of 2015. This amazing and futuristic game console comes in three different colors that include grey, white and standard black. The hardware of the three consoles is the same, it's just the color that suits different people. There's 500GB hard drive, superb graphics and super-fast processor that makes PlayStation 4 a great buy.

You can buy this amazing device by Microsoft online at the most affordable price when Daraz is your online shopping partner. Xbox has been the series that has totally changed the definition of gaming. This one comes with a 250GB hard drive and a slim system. The graphics of Xbox 360 are unmatchable and the joysticks are super soft. This gaming console has been admired greatly by kids and elderly alike.

Nintendo Wii U was released at the end of 2012 and has hit the gaming world with a storm upsetting the sales of its competitors Xbox and PlayStation. This whole new gaming console by the leading video games manufacturer comes with high definition graphics technology that enables 1080p video output. The Wii U is equipped with 2GB of RAM and has sufficient internal memory to allow you storing as many games as you want. In short, it's worth the money you pay for it.

At Daraz you can buy game consoles by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo at lowest prices in Sri Lanka. Rush now and get your gaming console delivered at your doorsteps today!

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Gaming is no more a leisure activity but in fact has become a passion for many youngsters who wish to enjoy playing different PC games according to their capability and if they are good they can pursue it professionally. Gaming is a big industry where varieties of PC games are being developed to provide thrilling entertainment to kids, youngsters and others. Gaming includes variety of products where games of different genres are very essential. Although the latest trend is going towards online gaming but still PC games are ruling the market because of their reliability and better entertainment source. PC game can be a part of your favorite games collection which you can play anytime without an internet needed. Also PC games give you the authority to choose vast variety of video games from different genres and keep them in your record.

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