5 in 1 Nano Sim Adapter Set

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Product details of 5 in 1 Nano Sim Adapter Set

  • 3D HD Mobile Screen Glass With MagnifierThis simple device is perfect for watching movies from your mobile phone and magnifying the screen size.If you read books from your phone you can also use this to enlarge the text so no more straining your eyes to read the little text. The mobile phone screen will be magnified up to 3 times making things a lot more clear.If you are going traveling this ideal for those train and plane journeys so you can sit back and watch your favorite movies.This device is well suited to those who are visually impaired and the elderly too and can be used around the home for reading newspapers and sewing etc.Features/Specifications3D Film, Stereo Effect is StrongerFold-Away Design for PortabilityReduces Eye StrainPerfect for Watching Movies and Reading.
  • Package include 1x

  • Nano sim adapter can convert your nano sim card to micro sim card and standard sim

5 in 1 Nano Sim Adapter Set පිරිවිතර

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