Baby Bedside Bell Set - Multi Color

Rs. 1,610
බෙදාහැරීමේ විකල්ප
Central,Kandy - Outer,Rikillagaskada
ගෙදර දොරේ
3 - 8 දින
Rs. 190
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මනස වෙනස් කිරීම අදාල නොවේ
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වේලාව මත නැව්ගත කරන්න
විකුණුම් ප්රමාණය

Product details of Baby Bedside Bell Set - Multi Color

  • Safety center of an environment – friendly material.
  • Practice the finger flexibility.
  • Practice the color perception ability.
  • Cultivate its sound identification ability.
  • Develop the coordinative ability and perception ability.
  • Arouse its imagination ability.

When the baby grows up to till 3 months old, it can use its wrist to percept the outside world freely and learn to touch the surrounding object actively. let your baby percept the shape of the object by touching it in the game, which helps practice the coordinative ability of the hands and eyes working together also the gripping and holding ability as well as the accuracy of the arms movement.  The baby touching game helps promote the comprehensive development of the holding and perception and thus let your baby grow up healthily in a comprehensive way.

Specifications of Baby Bedside Bell Set - Multi Color

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1 x Baby Bedside Bell Set - Multi Color

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