Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch For Android & iPhone

Rs. 2,550
Rs. 4,250-40%
Rs. 2,000 වියදම් කරන්න. Rs. 2,000 දක්වා යන්න
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Rs. 190
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Product details of Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch For Android & iPhone

  • Intelligent Anti-Theft
  • Two Working Mode
  • Sync Function
  • Multi function Watch
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Bluetooth: V3.0
  • RAM + ROM: 32MB RAM + 64MB ROM, TF Card up to 32 GB
  • Resolution: 240x240 pixel
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Android OS
A1 Bluetooth Smart Watch
  • Dialer / Bluetooth phone call : You can dial or answer a phone call from your wrist watch 
  • Phonebook / call log / message / music synchronization : No need to pay close your attention to your cellphone, you can also receive notifications from your smartwatch phone
  • 1.54 inch touch screen : Best suitable screen size with high definition picture displaying gives you great experience
  • Built-in 0.3MP camera : You can freely take photo and record video and sync your smartphone
  • Remote capture : You can also use your watch to control your phone's camera, but assure your phone's camera has been switched on in advance
  • Sleep monitoring : Carefully monitor your sleep quality, to provide you with a scientific sleep time
  • Pedometer : Record the steps you take and your movement distance to make you become healthier
  • Sedentary reminder : Develop healthy habits and remind you to have a break after sitting to long 
  • Anti-lost alarm : If your smartphone is away form you at a set distance, the watch will ring or vibrate to remind you
Other Features
  • Sound and video recorder / alarm / calender / calculator / worldclock
  • Natural silicone strap
  • Anti-sweat silicone surface treatment, ergonomic convex design, wearing more comfortable
  • CPU : MTK6261
  • Bluetooth : V3.0
  • RAM + ROM : 32MB RAM + 64MB ROM, TF Card up to 32 GB
  • Resolution : 240x240 pixel 
  • Compatibility : Compatible with Android OS

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1 x A1 Bluetooth Smart Watch

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Other questions answered by J & S Collection (2)
  • it's have camera???
    ramesh a. - සතියකට පෙර 1 පෙර
    Hi Ramesh, Yes it has a camera
    J & S Collection - 29 විනාඩි ඇතුළත පිළිතුරු සපයයි
  • battery power???
    Hafeez z. - සති ගණනකට පෙර
    5 hours
    J & S Collection - 1 දින ඇතුලත පිළිතුරු සපයයි