BUFFALO Energy Drink provides a superior physical and mental boost, delivered through perfect taste and quality. After open up the can, you can direct feel the Energy wich wants into your body! Drink it pure, or mix it with every you want, but do not forget the real pure taste of the BUFFALO Drink!


BUFFALO Energy Drink will give you the power. BUFFALO Energy Drink got similars Ingredients like the Big Players in this market. Not more, not less! The taste, the quality – no TAURINE inside – and the great and powerful name are the main differences!


We have applied the latest technologies, have our own automated production line and a fully equipped laboratory. Thanks to this we are able to fulfill the highest quality demands with the shortest delivery times to our customers worldwide.


BUFFALO – powered in Switzerland. Perfect taste and quality. TAURIN FREE. There are many Energy Drinks out there on the market. We want to offer a product, wich concentrates on quality and a good price.

~Buffalo Energy Drinks~


Not only is Switzerland famous for its nature and culture, also for its high quality
products in many areas. Powered in Switzerland; Buffalo energy drinks is perfection in taste and quality.
Buffalo energy drinks is now available in Sri Lanka,
and is the only taurine free, healthy energy drink in the local market.

~The Buffalo advantage~

Buffalo is insanely healthy energy that can't be beat!
With an entire product line dedicated to providing you with the energy you want and the nutrition your body needs.
Buffalo is an energy drink you can feel good about!

  • Natural caffeine
    Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system giving the body a sense of alertness as
    well as dilates blood vessels.
  • Guarana
    Guarana comes from a plant native to South America. Amazonians have used it for a long time to increase
    alertness and energy. It’s more dense in caffeine than coffee beans: Guarana is 3-4% caffeine vs.
    arabica coffee which is 1-2% caffeine.
  • Acai Berrys
    Acai berry comes from the Acai Palm tree which is found in South America. The berries are rich in

~The Buffalo difference~

  • Swiss quality
  • No preservatives
  • Natural caffeiene
  • Taurine free