Ceylonta Yellow Label Tea 200g

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බෙදාහැරීමේ විකල්ප
Central,Kandy - Outer,Rikillagaskada
ප්රතිලාභ සහ වගකීම්
මෙම අයිතමය ආපසු ලබා ගත නොහැක
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ප්රමාණවත් දත්ත නොමැත
වේලාව මත නැව්ගත කරන්න
විකුණුම් ප්රමාණය

Product details of Ceylonta Yellow Label Tea 200g

  • Grade: BOPF
  • Capacity: 200g
  • Rich strong taste.
  • Finest Quality Blended

Lipton Yellow Label Tea

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Sir Thomas Lipton's first tea package came with the famous yellow and red labeling.

Symbolizing Lipton tea even today, the yellow label provides a distinguished character to the brand.

The Yellow label is a blend of teas and is sold in more than 150 countries around the world.


Goodness and good times with Lipton tea

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Made from a blend of the finest teas from around the world, Lipton teas are known for its rich strong taste.

The combination of excellent quality high grown teas provides Lipton tea with the perfect colour, taste and aroma.

Thus making it a preferred brand in North America, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Asia – a No 1 tea brand operating in over 110 countries.

Tea known as a health-promoting beverage with many beneficial effects.

The beneficial effects generally attributed to antioxidants properties of its naturally occurring polyphenols e.g catechins

Lipton in Sri Lanka

Image result for Ceylon Tea High Quality Symbol

Lipton Ceylonta which is one of the popular tea brands in Sri- Lanka offers consumers the finest quality blend obtained by Ceylon high grown teas, delivering the ideal colour, taste and aroma.

Lipton Green Tea offers consumers the Pure Green and Citrus variants.

Specifications of Ceylonta Yellow Label Tea 200g

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