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New Memory Cards Online at Daraz Sri Lanka

A memory card is an electronic flash storage device for digital files such as text documents, pictures, audio files and videos. The memory card can be plugged into computing and small electronic devices such as laptops, selected tablets, cell phones and cameras. As we move into more integrated technology systems, most laptops now hold an in built memory card slot. You can just take out the memory card from your camera and stick in straight into the laptop. Same is the case for some smart televisions as well. So if you and a group of friends want to check out last night pictures collectively, you do not need to transfer them first and waste time. Instead you can simply insert the memory card straight into a smart TV and voila!

Daraz has a wide variety of memory cards for people in Sri Lanka. There are several micro SD memory cards which come in different storage capacities. A micro SD card helps store all your data in one place. This tiny device will help you store pictures and videos in a safe place. Basically it is used for backing up your data in one place. New and improved memory cards are being launched in the market very now and then. One can easily get confused with so many memory cards to choose from. This guide will help you get the perfect memory card for yourself. There are many factors that need to be taken account before you actually buy a memory card.

Different Types of Memory Cards

Cameras have very limited space for storing pictures. Previously cameras had a physical film to store pictures. Now with the invention of digital cameras, they needed something that would efficiently transfer pictures from the camera directly into the computer. Like all other storage devices, memory cards for cameras can store a limited amount of memory in them. As the image quality improved so did its size. High resolution pictures of a DSLR and even digital cameras require more space in the memory card, which then led to larger memory cards (in terms of storage capacity of course). Nowadays you can find up to 32 GB micro SD card for high resolution DSLR cameras and for normal digital camera 8 GB micro SD card or 16 GB micro SD card would work well. Before you actually buy a memory card. You must take in account few factors. Firstly know what type of data you want to store. If you have high quality pictures that need to be stored then probably a 32 GB memory card would work best for you. Also some memory cards do not work well on some cameras or mobile phones. They might crash or make your device slow. So know what type of memory card works well on your device. Do not buy something that will make your device crash. Lastly the size of the memory card depends on how many pictures you take as well. If you are a photographer then you will be taking a lot of pictures than a person who rarely takes pictures. You would need more storage space thus a memory card which has a higher GB would work well. There are several brands that offer memory cards. Popular brands like Kingston are available here. The memory cards by them are very reliable and do not crash. Your data is kept safe in one place so you would not have delete anything because of low storage in your laptops or cellphones.

MicroSD Memory Cards Prices

The constant thing we see in all memory cards is that the data is secure. It does not have to be charged with power and it does not easily get damaged. While you might lose data if you drop your external hard drive on the floor, with a memory stick you are good to go. In size also the memory cards are much smaller. That means not only are they easy to carry on their own, they complement production of similar lightweight gadgets, such as mobile phones and tablets. There are many different types of memory cards available in the market today. The Secure Digital (SD) memory card is the most popular one. It is used in phones and digital cameras. Nowadays a smaller version of the same card is being used in smart phones. The micro SD memory cards prices are very affordable. You can avail several discounts here at Daraz. Now shopping for all types of memory cards is made easy in Sri Lanka. Online shopping for 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB memory card is now made simple with Daraz. You can easily get the memory card that suits your requirements. There is a huge variety here at Daraz. The company follows a cash on delivery policy which makes it even more convenient. You would not have to worry about giving away your credit card or debit card information. The product will be delivered at your doorstep within few days. The hassle of going out will be eliminated. To buy the perfect memory card for yourself you can look at several customer reviews. This will help you know which memory card is demanded the most and like by many buyers.