Groomer Micro Hair Trimmer

Rs. 600
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Central,Kandy - Outer,Rikillagaskada
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Rs. 190
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මනස වෙනස් කිරීම අදාල නොවේ
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ධන විකුණුම් විකුණුම් ශ්රේණි
වේලාව මත නැව්ගත කරන්න
විකුණුම් ප්රමාණය

Product details of Groomer Micro Hair Trimmer

  • Portable hair trimmer and eyebrow styler
  • Long lasting stainless steel blade
  • Powerful micro-motor and guarded blades for safety
  • Sleek, Compact, and Cordless hair trimmer
  • Great for shaping eyebrows and trimming delicate hairs in awkward places
  • Pivoting head follows the contours of your body
  • Includes eyebrow comb attachment and Cleaning Brush
  • Great for on the go - fits neatly into purse or bag
  • Requires 1x AAA battery (NOT INCLUDED)
Sky Super Groomer Micro Hair Trimmer

Sky Super Groomer is a handy portable trimmer that's perfect for removing even the finest hairs. Designed for the finishing touches that will make you look and feel gorgeous from head to toe. The pivoting head is perfect for helping you trim your eyebrows, upper lips, under arms, and more. The micro-oscillating blades cut comfortably, without pulling or irritating your skin. The compact, cordless, sleek design is ideal for slipping into your handbag or overnight bag.

Total control and pain-free, there's no safer way to get that flawless finish fast. Ergonomically designed, the angled head makes trimming easy! It's perfect for precision eyebrow styling, facial hair removal, smoothing delicate areas; it can even be used to get rid of hair on fingers and toes.With a powerful micro motor for speed and precision, Sky Super Groomer is gentle on skin, and compact, it's the cosmetic bag essential, so you can look great on the go!

Powerful Micro-Motor And Guarded Blades For Safety

  • Sleek, Compact, And Cordless Hair Trimmer
  • Long Lasting Stainless Steel Blade
  • Great For Shaping Eyebrows And Trimming Delicate Hairs In Awkward Places
  • Pivoting Head Follows The Contours Of Your Body
  • Includes Eyebrow Comb Attachment And Cleaning Brush
  • Great For On The Go
  • Fits Neatly Into Purse Or Bag
  • Powerful Micro-Motor And Guarded Blades For Safety

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1 x Sky Super Groomer Micro Hair Trimmer

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විසින් Madusha W.
This one is amazing! Soooo much better. My face is baby smooth and my makeup goes on so much better!
මෙම නිෂ්පාදනය පිළිබඳ ප්රශ්න
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