Male Delay Spray 15ml

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Product details of Male Delay Spray 15ml

  • Product Name : Peineili Delay Spray
  • Brand : PEINEILI
  • Capacity : 15ml
  • targeted Group : Men
  • Package includes 1x.


Peineili spray is specially formulated using the most effective and safest ingredients to help you control your climax and last longer in bed. It works as a mild anesthetic that works to desensitize and numb oversensitive areas in the penis. The Peineili Delay Spray works effectively to treat premature ejaculation and other erection problems.

  • Product Name : Peineili Delay Spray
  • Brand : PEINEILI
  • Capacity : 15ml
  • targeted Group : Men
  • No numbness and irritation.
  • Pleasure excitement.
  • Safe and reliable, no side effect.
  • Tasteless and colorless (not easily found by her).
  • Effective time 60 minutes (depending on individual circumstances).

Spray a few times on the glan penis (the head) and coronal sulcus (the neck of penis) 30 minutes in advance, before sexual intercourse. Apply evenly to make it fully absorbed. If you desired for oral sex, wash the application before perform oral sex, after 30 minutes of application. (it is still effective even after wash)

Although this product is highly effective. I recommend that you check with your physician before using this especially if you have an allergy to ingredients.

Package includes 1x.

Male Delay Spray 15ml පිරිවිතර

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PENEILI Delay Spray

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Peineili spray
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