Portable LED Selfie Flash Light

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Product details of Portable LED Selfie Flash Light

  • Selfie Stick
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • SELFIE Extendable Monopod with 3.5mm Jack Cable and Remote Button for IOS and Android system.
  • Non-slip soft foam handle.
  • Compatible with most mobile phone,camera,such as iPhone,Samsung,HTC,LG,etc..
  • Quick spin knob for fast and secure mounting
  • Adapter rotates 180-degrees
  • Collapses down to 20cm and extends all the way out to 98cm.
  • Camera Interface: Universal 1/4 Screw
  • Unique ball-head for easy adjustment to any angle
  • Eliminate awkward photos taken at arms length
  • With remote button,take a picture anywhere without asking a stranger
  • Lightweight, portable, easy to carry.
  • Package include 1x
Portable Smartphone Phone Selfie Mini 16 LED Flash Fill Light For IOS Android 
  • It can use the free application with iOS, Android and WP8 smartphones and tablet computers for synchronous connection.
  • Can in the case of insu

Portable LED Selfie Flash Light පිරිවිතර

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Portable LED Selfie Flash Light

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  • Can it be used for all Android phones?
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