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Lighting Online Store In Sri Lanka

Home lighting adds a touch of glam and style to your home, thus brightening it up. Not only does it improve the aesthetic appeal, but also makes it look bigger and spacious. How you place the lights and where you place them are important points to consider. They should fuse well with the furniture, existing color combinations and mix seamlessly with the natural light. The final look should be a winning combination of all the elements, helping to lift its overall look and appeal. At our home decoration store you can avail some of the best lights prices in Sri Lanka right here at

Superb LED Bulbs Prices in Sri Lanka

These generally last up to ten times more as compared to regular incandescent bulbs. They are also durable because they do not have a filament so they do not get damaged or broken easily. LED bulbs do not heat up which helps to cut down on air conditioning expense. In addition, mercury is not used in the production of LED bulbs. They happen to be energy efficient as they use between 2-17 electricity watts. They also help to reduce maintenance or replacement expenditure, thus proving to be cost-efficient as well.

An added merit of LED bulbs is that since their power consumption is low, they can be used in remote areas (using solar panels) where electricity is not easily or readily available. They can also be used with portable generators. You can also buy LED tube lights as well as fluorescent and incandescent tube lights and bulbs at very reasonable lighting prices in Sri Lanka.

Shop Lights At Great Prices in Sri Lanka

Lamps have a strong market of their own. A lamp can lend the overall appearance of a room a bit of class and sophistication. A table lamp is ideal for lighting up a room. Not only does it look good but it also functions as a way of adding light to the room, keeping the room warm and, in some cases, adding a soothing sent to the room. A night lamp is useful in bedrooms, where you can read a book or light a small light at night.