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Avi-8 gets its name from aviator, as in the spirit of aviation. It started off as an accessories company. Now their watches are popular throughout the world. Each line is named after the aircraft it pays tribute to. The overlook outlook that the company presents is of class and uniqueness. Avi-8 in Sri Lanka can be bought from Daraz. Online shopping is much easier than going to a traditional brick and mortar store. With the type of range and variety that Daraz provides, you don't have to wander anywhere else. Avi-8 specializes in men watches but produces other things as well.

Women watches are also a popular item from the company. The designs are influenced by aircrafts but come in various styles and shapes. The company is determined to producing the most stylish and unique products, whatever they may be.

There are different types of watches available for different occasions and types of people. A watch personifies a person's style statement. And is a matter of personal choice. So choosing a watch greatly depends on the person's style sense and how he defines himself. The different types of watch styles include:

These type of watches are investment pieces as well as a way to look at the time. The high prices usually due to the expensive materials used for their production like sterling silver or even platinum. The complexity of the watch movement is also greater for luxury watches. These watches are intended for long term purposes and therefore require servicing every few days.

These are modest and elegant watches that define a person's style. They mostly feature a smart case that is polished with steel or gold plating which has an analogue dial inside it. Other features might include a date window and multiple dials inside. These watches are intended to look classic and therefore stay in fashion for years.

These are rugged watches that tend to lean towards the chunkier side of styling. They are designed to resist extreme conditions. Smart watches are also breaking in this category.

There are different types of straps available for different watches and customers can choose one that they like.

Usually made of calf leather that can be printed for designs. Exotic leather is expensive but is still used for luxury watches. Different types of leather will have varying softness and texture. But the leather strap looks good with both formal and casual wear.

Fabric straps will add a more comfortable and casual touch to the watch. This goes well with off-duty outfits. People who like to change their accessories very often prefer these type of watches.

These are composed of metal and are usually worn with formal wear. The metal bracelet has a more substantial weight than leather or fabric. The length of the band can be adjusted but this type is usually worn loose. This is the best choice for people who need to wear the watch to office daily or for special occasions.