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If you are in search of a laptop or a desktop computer in Sri Lanka, Daraz is the right place for you. We offer high functionality devices for both office and home needs, with a wide range of features that fit every kind of consumers' needs. Both, brand new as well as used computers are listed at very competitive prices to meet the demands of customers in addition to various complementary accessories. With a variety of suppliers at the back end, the opportunity to benefit from the best computer sale prices is unmatched at Daraz.

People from all over Sri Lanka can now compare the wares of different markets, brands and versions and Daraz is right with them to assist them in their online computer shopping journey. Use to choose the right brand at the best prices. Daraz being the best online retail shop fulfills the need of every kind of consumer for every brand available in the market. The best of all this is the fact that with a mere click of the mouse, you can choose a number of computer accessories and benefit from our home delivery option. Have a top quality, hassle-free shopping experience from any corner of Sri Lanka!

Computer Prices In Sri Lanka

If you are looking up computer prices online in Sri Lanka, you do not need visiting a list of computer websites. Daraz has all the leading computer retailers of Sri Lanka online at one place. All you need is making a price comparison of all the leading computer shops in Sri Lanka via Daraz and select the product that best fits your budget and requirements. Online computer shopping in Dhaka and in all other cities across Sri Lanka has been made too easy by Daraz.

Things To Look For Before Ordering A Computer Online From A Shop

Before you finally choose a computer in Sri Lanka you need to make sure that its specifications are good enough to fulfill your professional or personal requirements. You should make sure that you do not flush your money on an outmoded computer that becomes worthless after a while. Here are a few things you must look for, before finally purchasing a computer:

Processor Speed & Type: You should make sure that the processor type and speed of your computer is in accordance with the software you intend to use and is not too old to get outdated in a year or less. Whether you opt for Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 or any other type of processor, you should make sure that the processor speed matches with your personal or business requirements.

Amount of Total Memory: Your computer comes with a Random Access Memory RAM as well as the Hard Disk Memory. Both kind of memories need to be sufficient to ensure maximum performance for your computer as well as sufficient data space for storing your applications, multimedia files and games etc.

Graphics Quality And Memory Of A Computer

Apart from the RAM and Hard Drive, you also need to check if your computer offers enough graphics memory as well as quality so that you could enjoy watching multimedia, playing games or doing any graphics related work with maximum convenience and optimization.

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