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To prevent insect-borne diseases and control insect bites, insect repellents are considered important tools for the purpose. Apart from being painful, some of these diseases may be fatal for us, especially for the young children. Insects, specifically mosquitoes bother us during the hot summer months, when they make it difficult to spend the evening outdoors. An effective killer device will not only kill the insects but will also control their growth. Due to the latest technology, there are a wide range of insect killers available in the market today. New innovations in this industry has helped save lives of thousands of people.

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Many popular brands are creating high quality and effective items as insect killers. These items are durable and reliable. For customer convenience, the latest collection of insect killers, ranging from sprays to electric devices are all available at Daraz. Insect killers' prices in Sri Lanka vary according to the features and quality of the devices so that they can be accessible to a large customer base.

Different Types Of Insect Killers Available Today

Each insect killer device is unique in design, features and functionality. Here's a list of some popular items used today.

Electronic insect killer: Being an indoor mosquito killer, this device contains metal grids which have high voltage when plugged in. These grids attract mosquitos, flies and any other insects when they come into contact with these girds. A spark is produced which ensures that the insect is killed. These can comfortably be placed at any part of your house, office, or indoor public place.

Solar mosquito eliminator: This killer device, kills mosquitos through the solar power. Being a cost-effective technique, this is widely used indoors since it requires no complex installation. This tool is charged through solar energy.

Mosquito magnet: This is an odorless trap that silently attracts insects and then kills them. The magnet within this device is used for attraction. The device continuously works without any charging or filter.

LED lamp insect killer: These hi-tech LED lamps attract the insects through high voltage and then silently kill them. There is no fume or odor present while killing. The lamp continues to light up while the electricity kills the insects.

Killer rackets: These are rechargeable rackets used to kill mosquitos and other insects. The wire grids of the rackets contain electrified mesh. When you're holding the charge switch and the insect comes into contact with the grids, it is instantly electrocuted. A sound is produced along with a blue flash when an insect is killed through it.

Insect sprays: Many people use insect sprays made of natural or synthetic chemicals to kill the insects. You can spray the hard or soft surfaces of home or workplace to kill the insects. Mortein is one reliable brand producing a variety of sprays for indoors and outdoors.

Ultrasonic killer plugs: These devices are attached to the sockets and attract the insects through their strong odor and ultrasonic rays. They work silently and with great efficiency.