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Best Quality Sewing Machines For All Your Needs

A sewing machine is of great use to a number of people. Professional tailors can use it in their shops to stitch clothes for a living while some people need smaller sizes to keep them in their homes for easier usage. Moreover, many designers have kept these in their shops for last minute changes to their clothes. Daraz is offering the largest range along with the best sewing machines prices in Sri Lanka for its wide customer base to choose from.

Types of Sewing Machines In Sri Lanka

When we look at sewing machines, there are a number of types being offered. From Mini sewing machines to portable ones, there is something for everyone. You can choose any based upon the features and functions that each one has to offer.

Mechanical Machines: Mechanical machines are the ones that are worked on by hand and are utilized by people who have advanced sewing skills or those who are on a budget. A hand held sewing machine requires you to work the controls by hand and you have to put your own effort in for basic repairs, hemming, stitching clothes and to craft projects. There are mechanical portable sewing machines available as well for people who have to be on the go.

Electronic Machines: These are slightly more expensive but can be considered to be an important investment. Small and troublesome little jobs can be transformed into easier ones because of electric work performed here. These have touchpad controls, LED screens along with a large number of feet pressers that can be used for jobs such as piping and topstitching. Moreover, there are a number of stitch types available to choose from.

Sewing and Embroidery Machines

There are special machines that have the capability to conduct monogramming or embroidery on garments, bedspreads or pillowcases. These machines have a hoop under the needles and it moves in four directions when the needle is in work. The designs are present in the memory of the machine or data sticks entered into it. You just need to choose the design and the color of it to get the cloth ready. It also gives you the option to resize the designs.

Features of Sewing Machines

If it is a base line machine or it is an advanced one, there are a number of features that can be used on it to make your final product better.

The Automatic Buttonholer allows you to place the button in one go. With this, you do not need to turn the fabric any other way, it will perform this itself.

The Speed Control feature allows you to handle at what rate the needle or the embroidery design will be implanted on to the cloth that you have. These are pre-installed in some and you can set it accordingly.

The tension adjustment feature is there to see the tightness of the thread that is being used in the machine. If it is too tight, it can cause the cloth to pucker up.