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There is a great demand of binoculars in Sri Lanka. A number of people use them for outdoor usage along with professional usage as well. A great number of manufacturers produce different binoculars that have a wide range of features.

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Types of Binoculars

Just like cameras, the difference between the types of binoculars is centered on the lens and the prism of the device. There are two types of sizes in which one looks highly streamlined and the second one looks very chunky due to the prism it uses. The prisms are used to correct the orientation of the view vertically and horizontally along with making the scene look natural. The two types of prisms are:

There are glass elements in a roof prism which are in line with one another. This makes the roof-prism binoculars very streamlined and highly easy to hold.

The Porro prisms have the glass elements that offset one another and provide a greater depth of field. This is the best binocular for a wider field of view as well. This is done by folding the path of light, shortening the length and spreading the objectives farther from each other.

All of the binoculars come with numbers such as 7x20 or 10x42. This refers to the level of magnification present along with the objective lens diameter. If we take the example of a 10x42 one, the 10x refers to the level of magnification that the device has. It makes the object appear 10 times closer than in real life.

It is recommended that people should use binoculars that are from 7x to 10x in power because they provide a clear view. For people going to the theatre or wanting to have TV equipment, they should use ones in the ranges of 3x to 5x. For sports fans, they should go for ones in the 7x model.

The eye relief is referred to the preferred and the optimal distance from the eyepiece to your eye. This can also be the focal point where the light passes through the ocular lens. Many of the Nikon binocular manufacturers are known to install eyecups on the eyepieces to have the eyes of the user at a proper distance.

The housing style refers to the center portion of the binoculars where the two optical tubes are present. The center hinge and the focusing mechanism are present in the housing. There are two types present for these which are the open bridge and the closed bridge.

The closed bridge one prevents your hands from wrapping all the way around the device. The open bridge one usually has the focusing mechanism present near the eyepieces along with having a stabilizing section towards the objectives. It enables a fuller grip along with having a lesser weight of the whole device.