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Daraz is Sri Lanka’s No.1 hub for all your home & lifestyle essentials. As of recent, Masks have grown to play an essential part in our everyday lives and Daraz offers the safest protective masks of premium quality. Choose from a variety of masks, of all materials and sizes, catering to all ages at the best prices exclusively available on Daraz.

Surgical Masks in Sri Lanka

Ever since the pandemic broke out and mandatory masks were imposed, the top question was which masks are the most protective. It’s important to take into consideration the quality of the mask you purchase, especially if you travel to the office or for work. Amongst the surgical masks used in Sri Lanka, the top-rated were the Kn95 and the N95 masks.

The Kn95 masks have risen in popularity amongst the Sri Lankans due to tests proving that they are rated to capture 95% more particles than cloth or other material. They are recommended to be replaced after a certain period of time and not to be washed.

Alongside that, are N95 masks which are similar to the Kn95, but these masks have slightly stronger breathability standards and are more comfortable. Research has proven both that in comparison to Surgical masks price in Sri Lanka, the N95 is safer.

N95 Vs Kn95 Masks in Sri Lanka

Another FAQ is between the two top-rated, which is safer. Both N95 masks and KN95 masks are made from multiple layers of synthetic material. The major difference is that N95 passed through further rigorous testing, but the Kn95 is regarded as a similar alternative. Shop on Daraz for both protective masks at the best prices in Sri Lanka.

Kn95 and N95 Mask Prices in Sri Lanka

Buy both protective masks on Daraz for prices as low as Rs. 80 per piece from authorized sellers. Offers are available on this online shopping store and you can choose from colors, variations, and sizes. Download the app and get shopping!