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Women’s Nail Polish Online in Sri Lanka

Having finely manicured/polished hands and feet has become inevitable for women in the modern society and it is no more considered a luxury to pay special attention to maintaining them. If just like many other women, you are also seeking ways to maintain your finger nails and make them stand out, there can't be a better idea than to buy nail polish online from our Makeup Store online. The largest online shopping community of has all the popular brands of nail polishes available at lowest prices in Sri Lanka.

Superb Nail Polish Prices in Sri Lanka

There is a wide range of nail polish of brands include L’Oreal l and Serene London available at unbeatable nail polish prices in Sri Lanka and can be classified into two basic types that include enamel nail polishes and the acrylic polishes.

The enamel polishes are traditional type of nail polishes that once applied on the nails, harden into a thick coat. The acrylic nail polishes on the other hand are water based and are therefore more eco-friendly. The acrylic nail polish, when applied on the nails, have the water evaporated leaving behind a strong and hard coat of color.

Nail Polish coats

There is a wide range of coats for Nail polish prices in Sri Lanka coats available at this online store. All you need is to know how each of them can benefit your nails. The primary purpose of applying a nail polish coat is to add color to the nails or to help nails grow and provide a shiny finish.

Base Coat: The base coat is first step towards painting the finger nails. As the name clearly implies, it is a clear coat that offers a smooth surface for color coat. The base coat makes sure that a perfectly even color is ensured for the nail polish.

Color Coat: This is the type of nail polish most of us usually buy when we go to the local cosmetic stores. The color coat is the color layer of polish that is visible. The women with a fair skin stone should opt for red, pale pink and plum colors of nail polishes. Moreover, the ladies with tan skin should ideally opt for pink and grey colors. Those with medium skin should go for light purple and pink nudes.

Best Women’s Nail Polish Prices in Sri Lanka

Browse our catalogs equipped with complete details of every type of brand being offered along with clear pictures and avail some of the best nail polish prices in Sri Lanka right here at Then simply have your favorite delivered straight to your doorstep.