Online Grocery Shop in Sri Lanka

Groceries are one the most essential ingredients for good and comfortable living that enables us to have snacks and all sorts of other necessities available to us at a moment’s notice. These are essential items that are required daily and some just to for the comfort of your family; whether you choose to shop once a week, once a month or daily. You can easily shop for all kinds of groceries at for some of the best grocery prices in Sri Lanka.


This grocery store online offers superb grocery food items that are such as canned foods that are bound to make your life much easier; all the while offering ease and comfort in your everyday routine. There are many packed foods online from dry fruits to red beans.


Some of the most common grocery essentials that shoppers opt for are cold carbonated drinks to quench thirst and fight away the annoyance of the beating heat of long summer days. You can find a wide variety of beverages at this grocery store online and add some much needed ease to your busy daily routine.

Laundry & Home Care

It’s often said that a clean home is a home worth living in and offers much more of a homely feeling than a dirty home. We offer you superb Harpic toilet cleaners and other products from innovative brands whose products need a single swipe to make your home a shining tidy place that resonates the comfort of a true haven.

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