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Air Conditioners Price in Sri Lanka

As one of the countries lying close to the equator, Sri Lanka has more regions with scorching hot temperatures than nice cool weather. Therefore an AC can bring much-needed relief on the hottest and humid days. Therefore if you are seeking to buy an air conditioner, it is essential to know about the AC components and usage. A few aspects to consider when purchasing an air conditioner are controls, energy efficiency, and BTU output. Most importantly, it should fit your budget.

There are many air conditioners in the market. However, Daraz can assure to give you the lowest AC price in Sri Lanka.

Types of Air Conditioners

There are several types of air conditioners in the market.

Window Air Conditioners: This relatively inexpensive ac ideal for smaller rooms is much easier to install than other air conditioners. However, the requirement of a window to mount this is a slight disadvantage of this appliance.

Central Air Conditioning: If you are looking for a cooling solution for a larger area, then the Central AC system is ideal for you. It is perfect for large houses, apartments, and office buildings. These are pricier than the other air conditioners available in the market, and you need a professional to install them.

Through the Wall AC: This type of air conditioner requires a hole to be cut in the exterior of the wall during the installation process, and a sleeve needs to be in place to support its weight. Once these are mounted, they cannot be removed or moved around.

Portable Air Conditioner: This is a self-contained AC system that has all of its components contained within the appliance. These units usually have wheels and convenient to move around. However, they are ineffective in cooling an area larger than 500 square feet.

Split AC: These units come in a two-part system; the condenser unit and the compact blower unit. The condenser unit is installed outside the building where the AC is being installed. These are slightly expensive, but in turn, they make excellent cooling systems.

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Air Conditioner Price List (2021) Price in Sri Lanka(LKR)
12000 BTU Air Inverter Rs. 72,495
TCL - Inverter Air Conditioner Rs. 68,310
Air Conditioner Non-Inverter 9000 Btu Rs. 59,407
Gree Non-Inverter Air Conditioner Rs. 94,500
Hitachi H-RAU023 24000BTU Inverter Rs. 141,959
Air Conditioner Non-Inverter Rs. 56,111
12000 BTU Air Inverter Rs. 79,002
Midea Wall Mount Split type Standard Rs. 55,440