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Computers and games go together like salt in water; they are compliments of each other. Computer prices in Sri Lanka have never been better than they are online here at Gaming consoles at this online store are of top quality and offered at the best online shopping prices in Sri Lanka.


The handy computer; notebooks today are geared to perform heavy-duty tasks smoothly and offer features that are innovative and technologically superior. You can get leading brands of notebooks at our online shop. These machines prove to be formidable allies for work and great companion for gaming or watching movies.

Video Games

Video games at this online store at are available for multiple consoles and of vast variety. The high engagement of action packed games such Gears of War or the lightning fast engagement required to compete with opponents in awesome race wars of Need for Speed. You can get the latest video games for Xbox and PlayStation right here.


The battle of the home consoles rages on and we offer you the elite of these gaming consoles in great quality through online shopping in Sri Lanka so you can decide for yourself which console comes out on top. Be it the exclusive brand type device as the Xbox with its Kinetic system or the open system of the PlayStation with its superior graphical interface, you be the judge.


Whether it is for gaming or for your computers; there is no proper function with the right set of storage devices. External hard drives can provide that all essential back up for your PC as well as a highly convenient and spacious place to store all your video game data.

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Shop from our large selection of computer devices, video games and home consoles from our dedicated online shop at and avail the best online electronics shopping prices in Sri Lanka. Choose from are fully detailed catalogs and simply have your device delivered straight to your doorstep.

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