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Home Appliances Available Online in Sri Lanka

One of the most essential additions in the journey to make a comfortable home that allows for the comfort and well-being of your family. The right set of appliances that combine design with efficiency can make all the difference between the comforts that you get at your home. At Daraz.lk we offer a variety of the best household items in Sri Lanka from top brands.

Electric Items Price in Sri lanka

Daraz.lk sports a variety of premium quality appliance brands for all the essential electric and household items you require at the best prices in Sri Lanka.

Refrigerators - One the most essential items of a home, in fact no house is complete without refrigerators. Storing all the ingredients you will need to get all types of dishes ready and make them delicious. At our online store, you can buy from a large selection of refrigerators that are innovative, durable, and efficient. These machines are designed to consume far less than they exhume.

Fans - There is no home that is complete without the comfort of the cool breeze that is provided by the spinning motion of the fan. Here at daraz.lk we offer top-quality fans that come in many different shapes, sizes, and types; like the standing fans and the portable fans. You can get these essentials easily at the best fan prices in Sri Lanka.

Air Conditioners - The almost year around hot climate of Sri Lanka has made air conditioners a necessity. When fans just won’t cut it, you can always rely on the air conditioners online at daraz.lk to deliver you from the scorching heat and keep things at home and work simply cool. We offer a wide range of high performing air conditioners in Sri Lanka that includes innovative inverter ACs, Split ACs, and many more.

Washing Machine - Mandatory home appliance at every household, Because laundry is a must. Find Washing machines online on Daraz.lk at various sizes, prices, and the latest features and cycles. Never have to worry about mildew again with our latest appliance additions that bring you Washing machines to solve all your laundry nightmares.

Buy Home Appliances Online on Daraz.lk

Shop for a large quality selection of appliances through online shopping in Sri Lanka at Daraz Sri Lanka. Buy the latest appliances at some of the most reasonable prices in the country and simply have them delivered right to your doorstep.