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Samsung Phone Price in Sri Lanka

The technology of Samsung phones in Sri Lanka has surpassed all boundaries and is now sky-rocketing to new levels, previously unimagined. Amidst all these developments, it has now become imperative for phone companies to offer the best possible deals. Big players in the mobile phone market include Samsung, Apple mobile phones, Sony mobile phones, Huawei mobile phones, Xiaomi mobile phones . Users are now more well-informed than they were before. They know exactly what products are available in the market. They are also aware of the latest technology trends. Individual's preferences are changing and so is their lifestyle.

Advantages of Having Samsung Mobile Phones in Sri Lanka

This feature enables the user to enjoy many features at the same time, for e.g. you can browse Facebook and listen to songs at the same time. You can always find how many emails are pending, or how many Facebook notifications do you have on the home screen. The user can have diverse options while using an android phone, as compared to IOS this feature enables you to install thousands of apps and games with sharing features. This feature allows to access Google and install many apps. You can also access you Gmail account directly. Galaxy series have amazing features such as, 1- Multi-Window, 2- Pop-up note, 3- Video browser, 4- Photo note, 5- Easy clip, 6- Paper artist (Photo editor), 7- Handwriting on S planner (For emailing), 8- Google maps. All these amazing mobile features lead to popularity of Samsung mobile phones.

Tips on buying the Perfect Samsung Phones in Sri Lanka 2019

1) Always know you buyer and seller 2) Make sure you know your need 3) Always read the users instructions before using a new smartphone 4) Make sure that the features equipped, meet your need 5) Do some research on different products before spending your money 6) Buy the required accessories to protect your phone 7) Use a screen protector on the touch screen of your phone 8) Don't waste your money on buying the wrong product 9) If you're buying a new phone 10) make sure you purchase the latest version. Buying screen protector for your smart phone is really important. Touch screens are really sensitive to scratches that can damage your cellphone. Besides, a protector always purchases a pouch for keeping the body of your new phone safe from dust particles in the air.

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Samsung Phone Price in Sri Lanka LKR
Samsung Galaxy A30 - 64GB ROM - 4GB RAM 34,061 LKR
Samsung A50 - 64GB ROM - 4GB RAM 45,800 LKR
Samsung Galaxy M20 Price 26,144 LKR
Samsung Galaxy M10 Price 18,993 LKR
Samsung Galaxy M10 2019 3GB 32GB 21,490 LKR
Samsung A7 2018 Price 43,429 LKR
Samsung A9 2018 - 6GB RAM - 64GB ROM 87332 LKR
Samsung Galaxy M20 3GB/32GB Price 26,910 LKR
Samsung Galaxy S10+ - 12GB RAM - 1TB ROM 285,000 LKR
Galaxy S8 64GB - Black Price 65,250 LKR
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price 156,599 LKR