Our Mission

If the internet can bring unprecedented convenience and speed to online shopping, then it can do the same for acts of community service. Daraz Cares is an initiative which aims to facilitate customers looking to help the community in the most convenient way possible. We connect customers to charities 24/7; amplify empowering messages, and wish, in general, to encourage kindness and social concern. Daraz will be partnering with multiple charities to bring convenience and ease to the donation process. Put some heart into your cart before you check-out with your shopping by donating to your preferred charities through Daraz Cares. Compassion is truly, just a click away.

How To Donate?

STEP 1 Select Your Charity

STEP 2 Select Your Donation Item

STEP 3 Select Your Payment Method

STEP 4 Place Your Donation

Our Partners

Our Activities


It is an initiative which connects customers to their preferred charities 24/7. You can easily donate through daraz cares to contribute to a better future

Go to the specific charity page by selecting the charity you want to make the donation to. Select the donation item/items and add them to your cart. Proceed to checkout. Select payment method and your contribution has be completed.

Each Rupee you donate goes to your selected charity instantly without any commissions charged by Daraz. Daraz has officially partnered with charities to make sure that all Daraz customers can contribute to the future of Pakistan. You can make donations to multiple charities through various payment methods at anytime from anywhere.

Donate to Charity Organizations Online

Charities and Donations are an integral part of every community, it changes the lives of people in need in ways that are very rarely visible to the outside world, where even the smallest donation can bring a huge impact on their lives and the community as a whole. This new platform aims to make the donation process easy and accessible to everyone around Sri Lanka connecting you with multiple charity organizations where you are able to make your contributions in the form of product purchase or outright donations to a cause of your choosing, comfortably from your home with a few clicks of a button. With many organizations doing their part for the community Daraz.lk is proud to join in the battle for the betterment of our country and community by giving a voice and a platform to help those who most need it. So, jump on board and do your part for your community.

Charity Organizations involved with Daraz Cares

Many charities and NGOs are tirelessly working for the betterment of our society and are doing everything they can do to make the lives of the less fortunate a little better. The only way they can continue to do so is with a little help from you. We encourage all our Daraz shoppers to support our partners at Dr. Reijntes School For The Deaf & Booteek The Social Enterprise for Underprivileged Women and Disabled Communities.

Online Donations with Daraz.lk

Daraz Sri Lanka is proud to bring a fast, convenient & reliable shopping experience for its valued customers, quickly becoming a leader in the E Commerce game in Sri Lanka. With the same passion to cater the best e-commerce experience to the customer Daraz.lk launches another first in the country, Daraz Cares, which will enable anyone on the island to connect to a varied number of causes and social outreach projects by NGO’s and Charities. Like most processes on Daraz.lk, donating is simple and will work the same way as purchasing any other item on the platform and will enable customers to do so via Credit/Debit card or even cash on delivery right at their doorstep.