Panasonic Air Conditioner Price in Sri Lanka

With the heat on the rise, its impossible not to feel exhausted. Therefore investing in an air conditioner is an investment that your make towards being more efficient and comfortable. Panasonic is a world-renowned brand that is known for manufacturing electronic appliances and other electronics. Founded in 1918, Panasonic had been providing efficient solutions for everyday consumer needs for over a century.

The Lowest price of a Panasonic air conditioner is Rs. Rs. 105,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 224,000. You can now shop for a variety of Panasonic air conditioner types and other electronic appliances at Daraz. You are sure to find the lowest Panasonic AC price in Sri Lanka at Let’s explore a couple of best-selling Panasonic AC models available in the market.

Panasonic 18TKH-1 (INV) Air Conditioner:

This AC comes with a cooling capacity of 18000 BTU which can quickly and efficiently cool an area of up to 1000 square feet. Panasonic brand promises a natural cooling experience comparable to a cold breeze bringing an ultra-comfortable living experience to their consumers. The AC comes in a minimalist design, which delivers clean air that enhances your health and wellbeing. The inverter varies the compressor rotation speed to ensure that the temperature is controlled with precision and no energy is wasted, which leads to cost reduction. This inverter model operated with a higher cooling power that cools a room much faster than non-inverter models.

Panasonic 24VKH-1 (INV) Air Conditioner (R32):

This air conditioner model, which comes with a cooling capacity of 24000 BTU per hour, can quickly cool an area of up to 1500 square feet. It makes an efficient cooling solution for larger living rooms, restaurants, and office spaces. Panasonic has carried out high-performance noise testing on all air conditioners to ensure that they operate with ultra-low noise. The Panasonic 24VKH-1 (INV) Air Conditioner is reliable and durable, with the promise of cooling your space for the years to come.

Panasonic 9TKH-1 (NOR) Air Conditioner:

Another AC of the Panasonic Aero series guarantees to provide the cleanest and the coolest air to the consumers. It operated at a power of 9,210 BTU per hour, allowing it to cool up to 400 square feet. This is a perfect AC for smaller areas such as rooms and apartment living rooms. Now you can shop for Panasonic and other air conditioners of leading brands at Daraz. It is the only online mall that offers the lowest price for Panasonic AC Sri Lanka. Download the Daraz app and browse the consumer appliance categories to shop for your electrical consumer needs at the comfort of your couch.

Panasonic Air Conditioners Price List (2024) Price in Sri Lanka (LKR)
Panasonic 9000BTU Air Conditioner Rs. 95,921
Panasonic 18000BTU Air Conditioner Rs. 148,822
Panasonic 9TKH-1 Air Conditioner Rs. 105,000
Panasonic 24VKH-1 Air Conditioner Rs. 224,000
Panasonic 18TKH-1 Air Conditioner Rs. 188,000
Panasonic 24000BTU Air Conditioner Rs. 189,990