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Choosing the Perfect Table Lamp & Lamp Shade

Table lamps and lamp shades come in various styles, sizes, and materials, allowing you to create the desired ambiance in your home:

  1. Modern & Contemporary: Sleek and minimalist table lamps with clean lines and neutral colors are ideal for modern interiors. Pair them with a fabric or metal lamp shade to enhance the contemporary look.
  2. Traditional & Antique: If you're fond of classic aesthetics, opt for table lamps with intricate designs and rich materials. Complete the vintage charm with a fabric lamp shade adorned with fringes or tassels.
  3. Rustic & Industrial: For a rustic or industrial vibe, choose table lamps with weathered finishes and exposed bulbs. Combine them with a metal or wireframe lamp shade to capture the raw, rugged appeal.
  4. Eclectic & Bohemian: Embrace your eclectic side by mixing and matching table lamps and lamp shades of various colors, patterns, and textures. Let your creativity shine with unconventional combinations.

Top Table Lamps & Lamp Shades Picks on

Explore our curated selection of table lamps and lamp shades available on, each one embodying a unique style and design. Here are our top picks along with their prices in LKR:

Product Price (LKR)
Modern Glass Table Lamp 2,500
Vintage Ceramic Lamp 3,800
Industrial Metal Lamp 2,200
Bohemian Fringe Shade 1,600
Minimalist Wood Lamp 2,900

Enhance Your Home's Ambiance

Styling table lamps and lamp shades requires attention to detail to achieve the desired atmosphere:

  • Living Room: A contemporary table lamp with a sleek lamp shade can serve as a functional d�cor piece on your side table or console, adding a warm glow to your living room.
  • Bedroom: Choose bedside table lamps that reflect your personal style � whether it's a romantic vintage lamp with a delicate shade or a modern lamp with a bold design.
  • Study Area: Opt for task lighting with an adjustable table lamp and a focused lamp shade to illuminate your workspace while minimizing glare.
  • Entryway: Welcome guests with an elegant table lamp placed on a foyer table, creating a warm and inviting ambiance as they enter your home. invites you to explore its collection of table lamps and lamp shades, where every piece tells a story through its design and illumination. Whether you're seeking a modern twist, a touch of nostalgia, an industrial edge, or a bohemian vibe, our collection has the perfect table lamp and lamp shade to elevate your living spaces. Make a statement, set the mood, and transform your home with the finest selection of table lamps and lamp shades available on Start your journey to a well-lit and stylish interior today. Your quest for lighting brilliance begins here.

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