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VGA Card Price in Sri Lanka

The computer function is very similar to the function of the body. Leaving aside the main functions, keyboards, mouses, CPUs. RAMs, Hard drives, and VGA cards are vital organs that keep it running. That’s why it’s important to purchase your best quality VGA cards to ensure your computer runs and can perform designated graphic tasks fast and smoothly. Purchase the best graphics cards at the best prices in Sri Lanka on

Graphic Card Price in Sri Lanka

Pixels that we see on the screen, images, videos, the works are translated into graphics by the computer using the VGA card. And if there is a malfunction or it breaks, your whole computer cannot be used until it’s replaced. So it’s vital to make the best decision when purchasing a Graphics card as it fully controls the visuals on your monitor. offers the best and most reasonable Graphics card prices in Sri Lanka. Factors to Consider when Purchasing a VGA Card in Sri Lanka are, Price, Space & Cooling, Power, Memory, Bandwidth, Clock speed, Bus Width, Shader Cores.

1 GB VGA Card Vs. 2GB VGA Card

The most popular question that arises when there is a range of a product, is which one is better. The 1GB VGA and 2GB VGA question is most associated with gaming. It depends on what resolution you game. If you have a single monitor with up to 1080p resolution, 1GB GPU is plenty. If you’re looking for a higher resolution or multiple monitors, you should consider looking into a GPU with more VRAM. Overall, both VGA cards perform at very similar levels and the main difference is memory. Get 1 GB VGA Cards and 2 GB VGA Cards in Sri Lanka at the most reasonable prices.

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