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As time has progressed, we have learned more about the dangers of carbon emission and the importance of keeping fit. The solution is bicycles. Bicycles have now evolved to such a machine, that it’s almost impossible to find the inconvenience in using it as a regular mode of transportation. And on, you’ll find the best range of bicycles available at the best price in Sri Lanka.

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Bicycles in Sri Lanka and most countries around the world have grown popular in use for regular transportation. It’s convenient for short journeys, has zero fuel consumption, flexible when parking, and most importantly, helps you to keep it.’s dedicated Sports and Outdoor category will help you find all the necessary information and essential equipment you will need to find your most desired cycle at the best bicycle price in Sri Lanka.

Whether you cycle for fitness, health, or fun. It’s important to take a good look at the type of bicycles available to find your required fit. The three main types are Mountain bikes, city bikes, and road bikes. has an assortment of bikes and various kinds to choose from in Sri Lanka. Factors to look at before looking at your foot cycle price in Sri Lanka include, the type of rider you are, whether you’re a beginner or recreational, make sure to identify the purpose of your bike. Don’t shop for a certain size, as sizes vary on brand and model, shop for your desired and comfortably fitted bike. Find various designed bikes for personal use at the best prices on And don’t forget to prioritize 5 main elements, Suspension, Frame, Wheels, Contact Point, and the rest, Shifters, front chainwheel sets, and Brakes rank high on the list too.

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Find your most desired bicycle from the no.1 shopping platform in Sri Lanka. offers the most premium quality bicycles at the best prices across the country. Place your order now and leave the rest to Daraz.

Bicycle For Sale in Sri Lanka Prices
Kenton Multi Gear Bicycle - 26 inch 17,800
Lenox - Mountain Bike - Black And Yellow- 26 24,250
GT3 - Mountain Bike 21,450
3 LED Bicycle Light Front Head Light 1,249
360 Rotate Bicycle Bike Rear View Glass Mirror 1,443
Outdoor Cycling Bike Front Light Rear Light 1,075
Tomahawk PRO XR Gear 16,100
Kenton Mtb Chase - 26 inch 17,100
Kenton Mtb Lexus - 24 inch 18,400
Lenox - Mountain Bike 22,200
Folding - Mountain Bike - Blue - 26 23,500