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With the individualistic world we have come down to, music is also being enjoyed by individuals in their own personal spaces. Therefore, it is necessary to have original headphones with yourselves that can provide you a quality surrounding voice. One thing is for sure, that to fully enjoy the songs and music you need to have headphones in Sri Lanka. Finding cheap headphones in Sri Lanka with mic is no longer a hassle because Daraz can save you a lot of time if you visit the portal to find wireless headphones in Sri Lanka. The latest designs in headphones make you wonder that where the technology has gone.

Get discounts on Wireless Headphones prices in Sri Lanka

Nowadays it is absolutely necessary to have headphones with mic, not the least that you have to do skype with your family and friends but it is an essential part of today's sound technology. The major brands making headphones these days include Sony, Audionic, and many more. Furthermore, it will surprise you to know the prices of headphones in Sri Lanka. You can find very elegant and excellent headphones (some even having microphone with them) at such low prices that you can't resist them. Finding original headphones was not that easy but Daraz gives you an opportunity and you should avail it. So, log on to the portal and enjoy the exclusive offers on headphones in Sri Lanka!

Types of Headphones in Sri Lanka available at Daraz

Daraz is your online shopping community for all kinds of Headphones in Sri Lanka. The types of headphones available at your Sri Lanka's leading online marketplace include:

Over-Ear Headphone are comfortable in use and come with a single cable that goes all the way from one ear to another and to the device.

In-Ear Headphones are much lighter and smaller than most of the other types of headphones. They are sportier and preferred by many people.

Bluetooth Headphones come without wires and make use of Bluetooth as the source of connectivity with music or audio device. The Bluetooth headphones are however not the best choice for those seeking ultra-high sound quality.

Earbuds are the smallest and lightest kind of headphones. The earbuds are mostly preferred by music lovers. The earbuds help reducing external noise and allow excellent sound quality.

Canal buds (Noise-Isolating) headphones are the best choice for people who want to subtract external noises and enjoy great sound quality. They are small and lightweight and can be worn for extended time periods.

Canal Phones are made specifically for professional use. They offer extraordinary sound quality and are mostly used by the music artists around the world.

Clips Headphones make listening music easier without putting any pressure the way neckband headphones do. The clips headphones are used for music listening as well as for other voice communication needs.

There are headphones by many brands being offered at our online marketplace. There is a wide range of Beats headphones available and they are considered to be the best when it comes to buying noise cancelling headphones. They come in studio versions and in ear normal usage versions. Specific in ear headphones for phone brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei etc. There are different noise cancelling headphones for babies available in cute styles such as minions headphones! Different types of headphones have battery charging capabilities as well.

Buying Headphones online with Daraz.lk

Daraz Sri Lanka has biggest assortment of headphones for sale for its online customers. You can also use our search bar to find headphones based on your needs. You can find best deals on headphones for kids including with headphones for gaming, mobiles and ipods or wireless earbud headphones for computers. So stop waiting and start buying headphones online at lowest prices in Sri Lanka.