Memory and SD Card's Price in Sri Lanka

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Rs. 990
Rs. 1,200-18%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 1,090
Rs. 1,500-27%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 790
Rs. 1,300-39%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 680
Rs. 1,200-43%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 590
Rs. 1,690-65%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 1,875
Rs. 2,500-25%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 1,850
Sri Lanka
Rs. 3,200
Sri Lanka
Rs. 551
Rs. 600-8%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 90
Rs. 150-40%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 1,999
Rs. 2,300-13%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 699
Rs. 1,549-55%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 190
Rs. 790-76%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 2,200
Rs. 1,452
Rs. 5,699-75%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 1,490
Rs. 3,490-57%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 700
Rs. 1,250-44%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 1,380
Rs. 899
Rs. 1,099-18%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 780
Rs. 1,850-58%
Sri Lanka
Rs. 970
Rs. 1,250-22%
Sri Lanka
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Memory Cards in Sri Lanka at Best Price –

Nowadays, in the era of emerging technology, most of our work is done of laptops. But, the only concern here is, what if your laptop stops working? Or it gets corrupted? You will probably lose all your important data. Maybe, there are a few important things, work related stuff, your music, photos, memories etc. In that case, you need to have a personal backup system which is served the best with memory cards. You can save up all your data on memory cards so that there is no fear of losing important data and you can easily carry it anywhere you wish to. They are handy and can store great amount of data. Memory cards online come in a large range of storage spaces, designs and through many brands. These can be easily inserted in your laptop and have a storage ranging from 8GB to 64GB.

Memory Cards Online in Sri Lanka –

Memory cards are not only useful but also very essential. The prices of memory cards totally depend on the storage size that it has. The higher the space, the better. Even if you don’t use that much of space, it will always be beneficial for you in some way or the other. A stylish memory card is always a good idea. These can easily be purchases online at Daraz Sri Lanka without the hassle of going to the stores. You can get them at the most reasonable prices and more than that, you can have them delivered straight at your doorstep.

Memory Cards in Sri Lanka Online

At Daraz Sri Lanka memory card prices are some of the best in Sri Lanka. Quality and style are never compromised along with innovative features from a leading brand. Choose from the catalogs the memory card online that suit you best and start saving space right away. Here, you get to avail quick shipping methods, safe and secured payment methods and delivery right at your doorstep with company warranty as well.