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Unlock Boundless Possibilities: Micro SD Cards on Daraz.lk


In today's fast-paced digital world, micro SD cards have emerged as the unsung heroes of storage solutions. These tiny yet powerful cards can significantly expand the storage capacity of your devices, from smartphones to cameras and tablets. Whether you're a photography enthusiast, a gamer, or simply looking to store more media files, micro SD cards offer a convenient and reliable solution. In this article, we'll delve into the world of micro SD cards and introduce you to some of the top products available on Daraz.lk. Get ready to unlock boundless possibilities with the perfect micro SD card to meet your storage needs.

The Significance of Micro SD Cards

Before we explore our selection of top products, it's important to understand why micro SD cards are essential:

  1. Expanded Storage: Micro SD cards provide additional storage space, allowing you to store more photos, videos, music, apps, and games.
  2. Device Compatibility: They are compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, action cameras, drones, and gaming consoles.
  3. Data Security: Micro SD cards offer a secure and portable backup solution for your important data, ensuring you don't lose it due to device issues.

Top Micro SD Cards on Daraz.lk

Now, let's explore some of the top micro SD cards available on Daraz.lk, along with their respective prices in LKR.

Product Price (LKR)
SanDisk Ultra Micro SD Card (64GB) 1,490
Samsung EVO Plus Micro SD Card (128GB) 2,890
Kingston Canvas Select Micro SD Card (32GB) 890
Lexar Professional Micro SD Card (256GB) 5,990
Transcend High-Endurance Micro SD Card (64GB) 2,290
  1. SanDisk Ultra Micro SD Card (64GB) - Price: LKR 1,490
    SanDisk is renowned for its reliability, and this micro SD card offers fast data transfer speeds, making it ideal for smartphones and action cameras.
  2. Samsung EVO Plus Micro SD Card (128GB) - Price: LKR 2,890
    Samsung's EVO Plus is known for its ample storage space and is perfect for capturing high-quality photos and 4K videos.
  3. Kingston Canvas Select Micro SD Card (32GB) - Price: LKR 890
    A budget-friendly option, this Kingston micro SD card is suitable for everyday photography and video recording.
  4. Lexar Professional Micro SD Card (256GB) - Price: LKR 5,990
    For professionals and power users, this Lexar micro SD card offers an impressive 256GB of storage and fast read and write speeds.
  5. Transcend High-Endurance Micro SD Card (64GB) - Price: LKR 2,290
    Designed for continuous recording, this Transcend micro SD card is ideal for dash cams and security cameras.


Micro SD cards are the key to expanding the capabilities of your devices and ensuring you have ample storage for all your needs. The top products mentioned in this article offer a variety of options to cater to different requirements and preferences.

Daraz.lk provides a platform to explore and purchase these essential micro SD cards, ensuring that you have access to top-quality products that enhance your digital storage experience. Whether you're a professional photographer, a mobile gamer, or a casual user, the right micro SD card from Daraz.lk will provide the storage solution you need. Invest in a reliable and efficient micro SD card to unlock the full potential of your devices and carry your digital world with you wherever you go.

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